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Artist: Chief Kamachi
Album:  First Warning (AOTP Diss) 12"
Song:   First Warning (AOTP Diss)
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

Yeah, you know what it is right?
You'kno'm'sayin', Mic Messiah, JuJu Mob nigga
I'll smack that trucker hat the fuck off ya head man
Yo, this nigga...
It's like the Insane Clown Posse or somethin' up in this jawn man
Yeah, you'kno'm'sayin' you know who it is right?
Yeah, yeah, uh, Kamachi, yeah, yeah
Ayo the Pharaoh's back

[Chief Kamachi]
Yo, you little lames stare at the flame cuz my fire rare
Wave white crosses when a Messiah there
You look sweet in a night gown in Nike Airs
Little ass, loose faggot nigga wit spiky hairs
All that tough talk, get some of the toughest stares
Snitch niggas smack wit interrogation chairs
I was makin' songs while I was facin' years
Made a livin' off runnin' up on face & squares
Ya little gun pin a nigga face this year
I don't think so, lil homie erase ya fears
I'm on the hellevator, you tryna take the stairs
Scared, yeah, now I gotta trace ya tears
Where? Here! To the steps of the Church
Ya name and everything that you respect in the dirt
Brings friends along, no problem wit stretch in a hurst
Kill you fo'real, don't care 'bout expressin' a verse
I'ma animal, different type of hunger and thirst
This why you wallow in pain and wonder the worst
Who this evil man that God let come to the Earth
Easter Sunday, gun play, run in a Church
Pharaoh's back, in less then an hour's math
Woke up, choked up another coward cap
Seven in the cres' is where my power's at
You a faggot Catholic Priest wearin' shower caps
Lights and candles slowly march the isle
They put dick in ya ass then you start to smile
Tone of the Beast, think you on roamin' for peace
Gangsta made me a wrestlin' ass comin' from Greece
Step to my booth, old center, confess to the streets
You ain't neva seen blood from a body, slug in a shotty
Research gangsta in love wit the Gotti's
'Daddy Day Care' you stay here huggin' the potty
Here's ya pacifer, I'm the Black Messiah
Bible for the block, shots from that rapid fire
It don't take a genius to know the shells spin spherical
Another verse, another ten minute miracle
Mayhem at the morgue early in the a.m.
I'ma goon, under the cherry Moon is where I lay 'em
The bodies are pilin', slay 'em, how they pay 'em
They don't want no beef, so I vegetable soufflé 'em
Give 'em tubes and wires, crew's retire
I'm the real thing, stop tryna confuse the bias
My proof is when you dead soul move the choir
Kamachi - mothafuckin' Mic Messiah, YEAH!!!