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Artist: Chief Kamachi f/ G8ABAK, Vendetta Kingz
Album:  Rise & Rhyme Vol.1
Song:   Saviour of Ages
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

Yeah, Egyptian threads ball head with energy dreads
Diamond cut scales flow from the rib of your friends
Ninth generation humanian immigrant
Highest regard of king they keep killin' it
My wingspan way larger than you see fam
Tore crack open all you seen was a green hand
DNA doused, the finest of wordsmith
You need Freddy's hand to scratch the surface
Confetti plans in a matter of seconds
Genetic strands I stand with the power of seven
And crush Satan in no particular order
Shitty dudes get picked on walrus torture
Enforcer, in game is enormous
I'm the back of Arabian horses
I throw fire through the side of your fortress
Robbing the rich, divide it in small portions
Destiny spear, what you hear, antiquity?
Always out doing myself, so fast stick with me
Truth seeker, shop full of true leaders
Beast master I run tracks like two cheetahs
Style fresh too sick, I chew fever
I'm a barbarian homie you're too Bieber
Planetarium your legs can't carry 'em
Trans-lay every third line to Sumarian

[King David]
Maze overlay panoramic preview
Hand-to-hand like Hannah when I reached you
Shook the beehive, death to my rivals
Book of Eli; memorize Bibles
Strains infinite, puffing on some various...
Flavors angels ushering Aquarius
Dawn of agez, transcend generations
Living continum, manifest destinations
Replications created in God's image
Faith as Abraham supersede laws with it
Vintage spirit, rocked a couple of life-lines
Old soul to say the least, I recite mines
The Earth desolate, resources tampered with
We welcome aliens, terrestrial evangelists
Space gospel, planetary prophecy
What's out there you can't break down logically
Eleventh wonder the seventh element prototype
Robotic Israelite call me 'King Focus Right'
Avatar word-bender from the farthest region
Apparishuns in the mist, hard to see 'em
Luminary I reflect like the shroud of turin
Should of wrote psalms; verses would of sound perfect
Sacred art form rhythmatic mystisms
Present wisdom consider this a gift to listen

[Chief Kamachi]
The mystery school chant, spirits to jewels stamp
Mysterious triangle that I put on the cool slant
Books in the war-chest, study for more test
First semester learn to pop the lock to a vortex
The energy more fresh, move through meridians
The cities spin, ink drip from a witty pen
Read the stars like a darkskin Juridian
M-16 from a marksman that's Libyan
On the soul adjourn through the burning sands
With three camels, frankincense, myrrh in hands
The angels sing, but they prefer to dance
Slow drag till they put me in a urban trance
Mic Messiah many don't know the language
Don't understand the experience of misery and anguish
The seventh letter is so easy to learn
Simple, another lesson that was taught in a burned temple

[Holy Ghostman]
Megalithic tomb portals mother nature's womb
The magnetically force came from a grey moon
I'm telepathic blink twice and I can change rooms
Heliographic Jesus heavenly aura
In a space suit forever it's embedded in torah
To stay fruitful I saw eleven seven Decorah's
Where the light span reaches outer limit explorer
Ignite sand, time burns forever menorah's
Akashik jewels I fit 'em in my lyrics gallora
I'm polishing tools a modern technological torture
When Solomon ruled; they honored him for wisdom and culture
Acknowledging rules like how to find mind evolution in vultures
I found resolution transporters man ordered
A revelation camcorder tape the damn slaughters
Celebration for the granddaughters planning order
Hyperbaric chamber son we understand water
Ecological angels devil I'm warning ya
Whatever possible angle I'm de-horning ya
Deceit torment and defeat meet Gloria
And on victorious days I feel euphoria
The story of the age of the meek I reap glory on
Sweep corridors deep reaching intermission
And it's the feeling of peace that gives inner vision
Some call it ESP when other souls listen