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Artist: Chief Kamachi
Album:  Rise & Rhyme Vol.1
Song:   Rise & Rhyme
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Chief Kamachi]
Rise & Rhyme lessons from the black sage
I'm really a street priest conjuring the rap craze
I meditate and blow the walls off the bat caves
Pookie Andretti doing 90 in the crack maze
Little Shareef duffle bag full of black k's
I am the product of the families that trap race
Got knowledge of self during my early rap phase
Still Brand Nubian, divine when the track plays
But I don't see twinkle in the sun rays
Bodies on their last flight, preparing for the runway
Mother name is all set, talked to her on Monday
Her son is a JuJu man, no need for the gun play
Sit down focus well, write a potent spell
Jewels for the block, but I ain't got no coke to sell
Passages from Malcolm X, old heads quote in jail
No liberty, so it's deliberately they broke the bell
Yawn on the White House lawn after I smoke an L
Critically acclaimed then politically I'm dope as hell
Guru of Uhuru, still yellow Zulu 
Niggas get a little gold and act like they never knew you

Rise & Rhyme wake up to the wrong rock
The sun is my rhymes; the mic is my alarm clock
I've been dreaming this for years now I'm on top
Open the eyes of the world when this bomb drop

[Chief Kamachi]
Rise & Rhyme let a Wiseman school me more
Open my rap book it's just like a jewelry store
Ancestors told me take the path where the evil soar
Had a dark aura, power of illegal law
Brother you're a warrior came here to free the poor
Pain in my voice pitch, words of the deeper call
Aunt Jemima old as shit still gotta sweep the floor
Sambo's thinking they're Rambo's for this evil war
Ignorance is bliss, why they killing people for?
Devil versus God, let the cemetery keep the score
Been left Africa, barely can see the shore
Now I'm back home put the pen to the paper more
Out on the block had a different form of strict focus
I studied cult leaders, different forms of hypnosis
I use the studio to give the world a mind-state
I studied Kabala, plus I studied the crime-rate
Look at what the rhyme make, icing on divine cake
African gangster shit, dinner with a fine date
Chilling by the pyramids, nibbling on a wine grape
Nothing but food for thought, jungles full of primates


[Chief Kamachi]
I stand and take a bow feeling holier than thou
In the center of the square, or maybe it's a pentagram?
Look like the pentagon the side that the center's on
With earthquake machines flick a switch turn the tremors on
It ain't nothing that ain't never did in Hollywood
Truth for ten bucks on the screen watch it it's probably good
The subliminal, visual, audio, digital, energy, inimical
Penalty is criminal, niggas in the coke lab cutting up the chemicals
Can tap to a higher self, fucked up our tentacles
It's been a long time now, close to the pentacle
The hieroglyphs and what I spit is identical
Malah, musical scholar with the medicine 
Vaccine for the rap scene when the letters spin
Victorious another medal for the veteran
Legendary ten years plus after this February
So let's celebrate another devil head to bury
Come and hurry, you know the saying "Son the more to Mary"