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Artist: Chief Kamachi
Album:  Rise & Rhyme Vol.1
Song:   Return of the 7
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Hook) 2x
Often on, till the break of light
Introducing the God is in the building tonight
All hands in the air but this is not a stick-up
I'm dropping jewels hoping some knowledge that ya can pick up

[Chief Kamachi]
The angels is crying, I'm wiping heaven's tears
Mother nature mad at niggas having lesbian affairs
If the cycle of God repeat itself in seven years
Till we're six and half a way I'll be there in a half a day
My divine power get me there in a faster way
You was hatin', now nigga you look like a castaway
When the boat left, you was standing on the shore still
My energy don't allow sucker niggas inside my force field
Why lie? The magician that work
Don't need a dollar if it'll get all my family hurt
I'm from the streets but tryna claim my righteousness back
You don't wanna know me before I started writing these raps
Was like a Savior when I stopped believing in Christ
I'll bet my money on the corner let me breathe on the dice
All they gotta say is the music of the heathen is nice
And he'll kill ya for a little extra cheese on the slice

(Hook) 2x

[Chief Kamachi]
Hip-Hop matrimony the minister ask doo-wop
Crowds scream hurrah, righteous name Osurah
Mach look too fly, honeymoon in Dubai
Smash jam back in Afghan get the crew high
Spit my soliloquy inspired by the Killa Bee
Glass of wine from an old Egytian distillery
Nooses still hanging, racist still killing me
No choice but play the role of a warrior in this trilogy
Time waits for no man, Kamalah vs. Conan
Pillage all the Indians, tryna say that it's your land
I stepped in the booth first, I spit the truth hurts
We hate water, don't none of the black youths surf
Some died in the Atlantic in the past life
That's why I'm back to get the teachings in the class right
I look in to ya spirit with a flashlight
And donate it to Smithsonian my last mic

(Hook) 2x

[Chief Kamachi]
Young Tut it gotta be, new millennium odyssey
Digging deep thinking they hit the spiritual lottery
All they found was fragments and pieces of old pottery
Searching in the sky but the secrets is kept inside of me
Me and my rituals different camaraderie
Ninth wonder, light thunder, laugh and Socrates
Children in my village I raised got better prophecies
A stolen legacy they begging me to stop and please
For our knowledge we was strung up and dropped in seas
But was reincarnated one of the top emcees
Public schools, all of the teachers fail
Dose into a sleepy hell
Wake up in a leaky cell
I stay proud now, rock my dashiki well
Invest in rare book don't care about a sneaker sell
Power to the people, the only thing the speakers yell
Mission complete when all my messages can reach the jail

(Hook) 2x

Rise & Rhyme
The bear for the assassin
Chief Kamachi
You know how we do