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Artist: Chief Kamachi
Album:  Rise & Rhyme Vol.1
Song:   RapWhore (Part 1)
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Chorus) 2x
I love hip-hop but she turned into a rap whore
Let all these niggas hit and she got just what she asked for
Game all fucked let 'em creep thru the back door
Been faithful to this girl but she's shakin' up my world

[Chief Kamachi]
I met her early 80's hi-top fade and figure-8s
At the Krush Groove premier and I air like shorty wait
All ciphered up Run DMC, let the mic her up
Couple shows later I seen her and tried to wife her up
Four finger ring, she like that kinda stuff
Lady B on the corner, inhaled the ganja puff
Dressed kinda rough but see if I can rhyme enough
Gave her couple bars she laughed, and said my time was up
Early in the game, said I was too young
Kool Herc gave her the work, had her too sprung
He passed her off so the youngsters can hit her
Baddest bitch in the game get to pick her to liter
Ten boxes of Shelltoes hoping they fit her
They don't love her like I do, left the relationship bitter
A lot of niggas got mad when she strolled in  the church
And married the first white boy MC Serch
Had a couple of affairs with Rick and the Beasties
They was fuckin' her first, said them fellas were priestly
Time shiftin', this LA player had her mind lifted
His name was Ice T gave shorty the grind gifted
She met Dre when she was chillin' and partyin' 
Pac was a little young then but still was her guardian 
Coast to coast makin' the musical surge
When she's back home in the Bronx like to take her to splurge
She ain't faithful enough, homie, but the beat and the words
Started fuckin' with the Gods, take your Indian herbs
Went Underground and her life really got grim
Pregnant by KRS, blamed the baby on Rakim
Traveled the overseas and then she got wise
Left in 93 and that's right after she dropped Nas
Addicted to the life, look at her wrist glist
Puff introduced, now she's Christopher's mistress
Loved her forever, won't leave her in awe
Number one, the greatest emcee on the wall