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Artist: Chief Kamachi
Album:  Rise & Rhyme Vol.1
Song:   Hood Symphony
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Hook) 2x
My hood symphony, let's make a musical
Ya haters is nothing but spectators, just the usual
I hold the mic gun powder on the cubicles
Let off couple shots and the murder is looking beautiful

[Chief Kamachi]
I'm on some cool shit, call it the wrath of chill
I feel like strolling thru a garden picking daffodils
Nothing you craft is ill, weak linguistic process
I graduated, heavenly sedated on the top test
Swimming in the swamp looking for the Loch Ness
Came a long way still got the hammers in a lock chest
Backed out, bail papers seating on the cop desk
Cuz I don't rap about crap, the label say I'm not fresh
I've been to France, Barcelona, Oslo
Couple of other countries where my fans keep my eyes low
How you like me now? I contradict their theories
I've been around the globe twice without a hitch they hear me
Mach been doing this for years, the name is now embedded
And the underground love me cuz they now I come to set it
Got the sword of righteousness and all the devils get beheaded
Tryna pay their way in heaven hope the angels taking credit

(Hook) 2x

[Chief Kamachi]
Rebel Without a Pause, trapped behind the walls
Watch the belly of the beast
Don't get snapped up in they jaws
I don't care if you a Moor, they ain't practicing they laws
Got your mind inside a coma, keep you wrapped up in the ghouls
Can never find a bookstore when shopping at the malls
They don't want us to discover all the fallacies and flaws
When the news first broke, Obama was a president
I sat, starred at the TV, motionless, unventilated
I came here as slave, never felt like a resident
Do I believe in miracles? They saying that he heaven sent
The world is in a different space
But I can't pick and choose
More than a thousand good reasons for conflicting views
Turn to channel 7, we watching different news
Find the truth from allegory and some cryptic clues
Fascinated with masonry and some mystic Jews
Over the burning hot sands and expensive shoes

(Hook) 2x

[Chief Kamachi]
I studied everything, voodoo curses to five-percent
I know some broke know-it-alls chilling in the squalor bench
They quoting books know all the schools where the scholars went
But every month they a quarter short on their dollar rent
Welcome to my parliament, feel like the hardest sent
Let's raise our babies, treat our ladies like our fathers meant
I'm talking kings and queens, you talking crap and cook
I understand nigga remember that I'm half a crook
I never swore on the Bible I just passed the book
And had a smile on my face when the pastor looked
Seven days all the time that the Master took
Another classic rap album nigga blast the hook
Play with the instruments, make violent incidents
My aura red, you're dead, not a coincidence
It ain't no sympathy you looking for some sentiments
Your last supper and you're sitting at the dinner tense