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Artist: Chief Kamachi
Album:  Rise & Rhyme Vol.1
Song:   City Blocks
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Hook) Sample
The Black Keys - Too Afraid To Love You

And the city blocks
And the city blocks
And the city blocks
They drive me wild
And the city blocks
And the city blocks
And the city blocks
They drive me wild

[Chief Kamachi]
It's another ghetto story but just gimme a minute
About a street lieutenant diagnosed schizophrenic
Hear voices in his mind, slow dancing with the wolves
But he's still an OG, well known for breakin' jaws
Family call him weirdo, sent him to the loony bin
Came home crazier, see lights in every room he in
Talk to a black angel, perched on his left shoulder
Look in his eye say he high but his breath sober
He barely sleep, got his head trapped in space and time
Lawyer plead insanity but he fucked up and facing time
Back on the block, six month in Spiddal
Don't ever take his meds, never consider a little
Stay in the zone, screaming "Motherfuckers, leave me alone"
But ain't a soul seen a sight when he talkin' that tone
Got his hand to his ears on an invisible phone
The spirits on the dark side party to welcome him home
On the streets!

(Hook) Sample

[Chief Kamachi]
The street corners whisper they sound like an entity
With dead souls huntin' the hood lookin' for empathy
Inspire inner city Luciferian tendencies
Tryna school ya to the evil ruler in these embassies
Another story, blood and glory in my memories
This first rap group rock high school assemblies
He started changing making death metal symphonies
Covered in tattoos, metal spikes on black shoes
Fucked with some crazy drugs you never seen the blacks use
A hood nigga stuck on LSD
Hallucinating some whores with Satan tryna yell at B
Let's walk to the store baby we can sell SC
He was a different kind and he swing from a different vine
His mother's death put pressure on his gifted mind
You heard of the depression inside the music
Committed suicide never got the chance to use it
On the streets!

(Hook) Sample

[Chief Kamachi]
This last verse is sick, and I mean that literal
I try to break it down without being too critical
This young fella carry a pink umbrella
Seen 'em with all the little girls playin' "Punchinello, Punchinello"
His moms only child what could you tell her
Named him Anthony but all his friends call him Angela
Now he stealing old party dresses outta the cellar
Dead wrong, crooked red born lipstick yella
The beginning dark life in the nighttime sinning
Tryna fool niggas lookin' for legitimate women
In the wrong place, he was starring in the wrong face
And this nigga had some hatred in his heart
Started screaming "Kill faggots, I'll be waitin' in the park"
He just thought he was drunk, didn't take it to the heart
Stroll by no high, then the automatic start
You know the rest, no need to stress the paramedic part
On the streets!

(Hook) Sample