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Artist: Chief Kamachi
Album:  Rise & Rhyme Vol.1
Song:   3rd Lecture
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

Rise & Rhyme
JuJu Mob
Noize Gallery
Let's go

[Chief Kamachi]
Malah, the scriptures has blemish
The fallacies of lies that despise will diminish
The Sorcerer's Apprentice smack seven days in Venice
Now I'm back in the lab with a pad full of chemist
Pyramid builder tryna find tenants
What we find behind the sky is my limits
Nobody just use one eye from my image
I am the Tree of Life; my home is Kemet
The Earth is my vehicle, got soul up in it
The DNA code of the God is imprinted
My music make miracle, the holy invented
The JuJu Mob put a strangle hold on the senate
We tryna save a world that is cold and diminute
So fucked up ain't no raised kings and queens in a minute
My dashiki dirty, my breath is weed scented
All black Merkabah, windows tinted
Malah, sacrifice the fame and fortune
Still tell the truth, global game of extortion
I put the eye of Osiris in my coffin
Still travel thru the seven spheres you was lost in
This is street rap mixed with some science lines
Moon and the first degrees of a fire signs
Hear the voices, see the death choir shine
Now am back for the crown at the hour nine
Etheric, rap spirit, the power mind
Serpent from the Serengeti will devour time
African lions, war for Orion
Old ancestors use to break-dance with the Mayans
Straight hip-hop and it's live from the congas
Slave rhymes, so many minds in the dunya
I spread gospels, you spread rumors
These TV niggas I figure I'll re-tune ya
Break ya, reincarnate ya then tomb ya
Relax, presidential suite cell Caluma
I am the first, not the second nor a junior
The sounds from the temples miles underground of Suma
Strong like the Friday brotherhood leaving Jumu'ah
Heavens in three sevens is given to consumers
Industry cancerous killing off the tumors
It's back to the polonium towers, suede pumas

Rise & Rhyme
Mr. Clock of Destiny is back
JuJu Mob