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Artist: Chief Kamachi f/ State Store
Album:  Concrete Gospel
Song:   U Try
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Intro) Kamachi
Yeah, yeah, JuJu Mob, Dirty Deacon
Kno'm'sayin', Mic Messiah, kamach, c'mon
Its' like, you keep tellin' 'em the same thing
Same shit, kno'm'sayin', fall back man
Candy ass niggas, ayo check it out

[Chief Kamachi]
Yo, if I ain't have a mic I'll be flyin' kites from a cell
Respect me like I'ma Al-Qaeda leader in jail
And my prison pose my arms all swell like Melle Mel
Do you hear me like the Prophet heard the Angel Gabri-el
Booooom! You know what that mean, don't risk it
Camoflauge y'all be a murderous mystique
Wanna hustle, scramble nine millie jam
Devil worship - dance on the pentagram
Me and the Dirty Deac. Church full of nerdy freaks
Choir girls that like to fuck in the pews
Give 'em vodka and holy water if they stuck in the blues
I'ma heathen, I love slangin' and thievin'
Cold hearted love to see families grievin'
Right into the darkness their souls is leavin'
Minister Mach, this my sermon for the evenin'
Thank the Lord for the wise words who receivin'
Don't eva go against the code
It's the Black Moses in Da Vinci clothes
When my sandals touch the sand the ministry rose
When I stood up, lights out, the industry froze
Bear witness to the Wooly hair, you know how it goes
K A M A C H I another chapter is closed
Bear witness to the Wooly hair, you know how it goes
K A M A C H I another chapter is closed

(Hook) State Store 2x
Don't - you - eva - try - to - come - and - test - us
Test - us

You'kno'm'sayin' I keep tellin' y'all to stop playin'
You'kno'm'sayin' - you'know'I'mean, this ain't no game
When you come to my Church you listen to my gospel
You'kno'm'sayin', c'mon' Dirty Deacon, sing it, c'mon
Y'all just don't learn do y'all, ha-ha
Yeah, you'kno'm'sayin', stay on ya lanes, one more time

[State Store]
Project paths, there's brick weed, the hustle dime, the dust
Call me the Deacon preachin' for all the henny thugs
For any victim I leave splashin' in gorilla blood
I speak sermon that evolved by the semi slugs
My shine Bishop Juan, Betty showed me plenty love
Holy communion reefer clouds over veggie grubs
My crap shooters throw bones for a dirty dub
Since a kid I played the block where the stash was
So every word will flame from a dutch that hashed up
I'm State Store, North Philly get ya cash up
My congregation a hundred shorties wit fat butts
I'm warrior style, you over print on my black tux
I hold it down, drink a liquor out of glass cups
I see visions, I'ma psychic for a fast buck
Ride in the hood, dirty bikin' and a dump truck
I'm State Store 'Death Choir' for my vultures

(Hook) State Store 2x

(Outro) Kamachi
Yeah, you'know'm'sayin', Dirty Deacon they just don't learn
You'kno'm'sayin', you know each one keep steppin' into the zone
You'kno'm'sayin', this is our zone
You'kno'm'sayin', we own this right here
You'kno'm'sayin', stay on ya own galaxy
You'kno'm'sayin', we made a star here
You'kno'm'sayin', we made a star here, hahaha
You'kno'I'mean, JuJu Mob, Death Choir, c'mon