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Artist: Chief Kamachi
Album:  Concrete Gospel
Song:   Not Me Now
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Chief Kamachi]
Yo, she said she liked shoppin' and coppin'
The glamorous night flashy lights and bottles poppin'
I'ma Underground rapper, my jewels is invisible 
You don't like me now, my $5 dollar show life is miserable
You peepin' my sneaks, caught up in the physical
But you don't got shit you broke individual
A little switch, some tits, head from chemicals
Blonde weave, think you white on some subliminal
Talk cute but laced in boots and straight criminals
Think you got game, workin' wit somethin'
Eyes all dark from the weed and the pills you be dumpin'
I'm drivin' thru, sittin' Chili chillin', I'm frontin'
I'm shinin', this the king the Queens be wantin'
I ain't stuck on no smut jawn the block be humpin'
Like fiends on the corner when the block be jumpin'
Choosy begger, you could take this dollar nuttin'

(Hook) 2x
But you don't know me now
Treat me like I'm some new joe in town
Yo when I blow she gon' be the first hoe around
Actin' like she know me now
Tryna blow the crown
But it ain't gon' down

[Chief Kamachi]
Ayo she keep her hair in coils, push weed in foils
Smell like white diamond, cheap Muslim oils
Liquor store logics, performance in the projects
Lap dance all over the filthiest objects
Think she a cover girl, model the bricks
Nose in the sky, up and down the block stompin' the strips
Shake and twist to see a six or obliterate wrist
I ain't that dude shorty, I'ma leave you bitter in piss

(Hook) 2x