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Artist: Chief Kamachi f/ State Store
Album:  Concrete Gospel
Song:   Little African Boy
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Intro) Kamachi
Yeah, kno'I'mean
You know it's all I know, kno'm'sayin'
I can't be nothin' else then but myself
The truth smell like Somali rose

(Hook) Kamachi & State Store 2x
Little African Boy
Don't let this world destroy your inner joy
The pain and pressures
It's just here to test us so we can grow stronger
And neva let the world stress us in

[Chief Kamachi]
Yo what the youth suppose to eat?
When the 'Food for Thought' is garbage
And the world powers put the truth to sleep
I close my eyes to the deepest insight is reached
You slay the Beast while cultivatin' ya inner peace
I live a life of a JuJu Priest
And send light to the dark deceased
In search of a cure for the poison comin' off the streets
Not to glamorize no mob guys tossed in creeks
Cuz I can stare in the ocean
Where the slave master tossed my peeps
And where I thought that I would often leap
Cuz that's how strong the connection is
Cuz magicians from Congo will laugh at the Exorcist
And my message is we are from powerful people
So don't lose your sense of self and the Jinns of wealth
Empty ya mental pail, take it to the bottom of the well
And when it return you'll neva fail

(Hook) Kamachi & State Store 2x

[Chief Kamachi]
Yo in a dreamstate listenin' to my Shep's lectures
Don't let this witchcraft world hex ya
Change ya hekas hold a flail crook and Was scepter
Mentally invoke you of peaceful scepter
Young boy you're in Africa walkin'
Feel this texture it connects ya to the truth that protects ya
Outta darkness where the lower spirits kept ya
Tryna dull ya receptors to the ways of ya ancient ancestors
Only to rise again, as told by the cycles
Calculated by the wisest men, who sat down and zazen
And after their eyes spin reveal the deepest wisdom
From the state of Amen, universe we put so much time in
Now the stars is alignin' to give power back to the original Shaman
And my white light is blindin' from a crown Chakra that's shinin'

(Hook) Kamachi & State Store 2x

(Outro) Kamachi
Yeah, kno'm'sayin' Little African Boy
You know get back to ya science, kno'm'sayin'
They can't do nothin' wit you when you tap on that drum
And let ya eyes roll in the back of ya head, kno'm'sayin'
That's the thing they fear the most in the world, kno'm'sayin'
The JuJu Mob, kno'm'sayin', yeah
Chief kamachi - Concrete Gospel