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Artist: Chief Kamachi
Album:  Concrete Gospel
Song:   Kamachi
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Chief Kamachi]
Yo, they pray and they pray, the clutch on the title
I use verses from my Bible and murder a rival
Kamachi is tribal
Let's have a sťance on the rainforest
Every cycle fell like I'm killin' the same artist
Messiah mind, they think it's a cult
Radios around the globes is fillin' the vault
I put my beard in, ten years killin' the circuit
Speak that Underground language that they can't interpret
Miss a flaw but the movement of the jaws is perfect
Try it here, I'ma pioneer, you fakers worth it
Out the conga, all you hear is bongos and bells
Feet on the death drum, my rhythm catch amice as well
I'm so cool, when I'm wavin' my wand
Make glitter turn to grams now I favor a don
I'ma magician, learn to make money from air
Only time I'm broke, only time I'm sheddin' a tear
It's only one Chief, the rest get beheaded wit spears
It's mystical, like the hand that God touchin' ya ears
You famous and evil, plus you known to the people
I'ma known to buss a lethal, I'm here wit the truth
I come to die that's why I'm puttin' fear in ya troops
I ain't a fag, I stay on Jihad missions
I'ma genius, gave the world mad inventions
Are you confused yet? Listen to my last dimension
I'm the Messiah, you still sayin' old scrolls
Rowdy Saints got an album full of cold souls
Only weak for the Black Madonna wearin' rose gold
The sound of the 'Death Choir' cracked the ozone
Clouds open that mean I'm ready to go home
Chief Kamachi wit that angelic soul tone
I'm from Philly, the murder Cathedral
They screamin' the Black Bishop's in the Vatican need you
But I'ma JuJu man, in the Temple is where they see me
Got the serpent power, who could mess wit my kundalini
I'm the God, the 'Concrete Gospel' enforcer
Ain't an Evangelist alive that could manage the torture
Yeah! So nigga get out the pulpit
Close that black book, you crook talkin' that bullshit, Messiah

C'mon man stop hoggin' that scription
Lemme get some of that
Yeah, kno'm'mean, what book is that right there?
Yeah that shit got my head spinnin'