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Artist: Chief Kamachi f/ State Store
Album:  Concrete Gospel
Song:   Holy Rollers
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Intro) Kamachi
Yeah, kno'I'mean, this that Philly fiend music
Kno'I'mean, the sound of the dope heatin' on that spoon
Hmmm, you feel that right, I know you feel that right

(Hook) State Store 2x
Holy Rollers
How I fell in hell in the cell wit the world on my shoulders
Holy Rollers
Tryna twist them L's see the spell different cast on my soldiers

[State Store]
This for my broke brothers that's leakin'
The have-nots and the heathens
Who work hard and hustle just to spend it all on the weekend
We  live without reason
Numb our brain with liquor and cheeba
Get tore down, hollerin' for God to help us
Everything we take is truth, a misguided message
The hood, better grimey, jealous, aggressive and desperate
And we exit in enormous numbers
Stressed out and restless
City infested, Avenues infected
And the struggle to success?
Only accumulate the herb and depression
Now how in the hell we supposed to get it together?
We go from no diplomas to obituaries
Seminaries and cemeteries, all we know is stress and worry
Nosy neighbors, hoodlums and haters
We reach for the sky
Steady wonder why ain't no angels comin' out of heaven to help us out
We know the situation full of doubt, so look at us now

(Hook) State Store 2x

[Chief Kamachi]
Yo, I'm like, what?
God ain't got no love for the kid
Home from a bid, livin' on skid, clutchin' a rib
Little scruff, barely enough to puff production at crib
Small hands of a crack baby touchin' his bib
From a heartless dark place where the evil is hid
Slidin' board of addiction where my people done slid
Only thing in life that really seems equal is dead
Don't need a shrink to take a peek and see through his head
Just study this hood culture where the future is lead
And understand how a young child could shoot you for bread
His whole like "Stop Snitchin'" "Fuck the blue and the red"
Runnin' the spot, gun cocked, give two to the dred
Only shook when the lookouts holla "The Feds!"
Then you dash, quickly stash or swallow the meds
Upstate, pacin', stressin', walkin' the edge
Second tier, come in here, get tossed from the ledge
I'm a crazy celly, like a war crazed Isreali
I try harder but it seem like these days will fail me
See I'm a psycho, in an asylum I might go
Or I'll be at the door of the Lord with a rifle
Cuz I want more than James, Junior, and Michael
Or I'ma keep studyin' this criminal bible
Psalm one, Palm gun
Ain't no fears in kings, so be prepared for the long run

(Hook) State Store 2x

(Outro) Kamachi
Yeah, c'mon, kno'm'sayin', aint' nuttin' changed, kno'm'sayin'
Still out here tryna take dirt and change it to a magic glitter, kno'm'sayin'
Yeah, Holy Rollers, c'mon, Philadelphia