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Artist: Chief Kamachi
Album:  Concrete Gospel
Song:   777
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Chief Kamachi]
Yo, the son of genius out the womb of an Immaculate lady
From the Tigris and the Euphrates 
Study endplates, slangin' crack in the 80's
Tainted the black in our babies
My religion is Brand Nubian, the sunshine raised me
From platinum to shrapnel parts, I laugh at charts
Gave the world math and arts to craft the sharp
Lead you to the temple door the path is dark
Fill ya mind wit gold I never sold I have the spark
I make music for spiritual reasons
Inhale wit the heathens deeply possessed
The smell of death in the regions
The source of the murderous force that you are receivin'
Was the value of the relics that I left for retrievin'
These jams in Bethlehem the people believin'
Three Wise Men got their eyes on the sky this evenin'
All they see is purple smoke from the lye we breathin'
When the pen bleed don't think the Hebrew scribe is grievin'

(Hook) 4x
It's the resin, let it burn to the Heavens
The return of the Sevens, here comes the Gods

[Chief Kamachi]
Yo, I send the Earth miracle rain from the spiritual plane
You a comedy king, had an hysterical reign
So you being a king to me... that's unbearable shame
So I'm back, gimme my crown and you wearin' my chain
Kamachi in different languages, you hearin' my name
Stay on my comp to reign
Like the Moors when they conquered Spain
Moon and Aries - Sun and Aquarius
Gemini risin', flow so mysterious
Look at my legacy, the landmarks in my areas
So many priceless jewels, marble interiors
Ain't no question whose art is superior
Witch doctor medicine for musical malaria
Yeah I'm here ain't no fearin' my aura
They say the wise die like old Prophets holdin' the Torah
And gangstas go one shot thru the fedora
This for my ock's makin' salat readin' the surah
They say the speech is pure
I wrap the mind map of a street explorer
That's tryna reach Aurora - Borealis
Three long hits from the chalice
Make you zone from the project steps to a palace

(Hook) 4x

[Chief Kamachi]
Yo, I'm still shinin' like the stars feel free at night
They on their grind tryna find how I see the light
Black cabalist studyin' the Tree of Life
Mystical degrees I write, enlighten emcees tonight
Thru the mind of God is how I recieved the mic
Wit three 7's that could rearrange a heathens life
Livin' proof the truth, you couldn't believe the hype
Wrestle wit Michael made the chump Angel leave the fight

(Hook) 4x