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Artist: Chief Kamachi
Album:  The Clock of Destiny
Song:   True and Living
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

Yeah, Kamachi
Section-8 Egyptian

[Chief Kamachi]
Yo, ayo the plan late 
Still nibbling on a bland state
The politicians still worshiping secret handshakes
Mommy in the kitchen still whipping up the tan bake
That's why the kitchen falling and all her fam ate
Do you blame her? It's rare getting help from a stranger
Just Miriam and baby Jesus with no milk in the manger
No water around to clean the wings on the angels
Every baby's divine, that's an old ancient angle
Tryna walk the straight and narrow
Stay away from the barrel
Get my kingdom back; raise my sons to become Pharaohs
Check it, yeah, look what history tell us
The mysteries of life we left underground in the cellers
Far as science go you know you dealing with serious fellas
Black astronaut makes the whole area stellar
Moon walker, space talker, spit a fresh acapella
I want the power to make the precious sunshine yella

(Chorus) 2x
Look up at the stars, realize who you are
Get tuned in
When you start thinking that your life is hard
Would you rather be a God or you rather be human?
The true and living

[Chief Kamachi]
Left the world a sign to see
It's an African anomaly
Street nigga, straight A's, algebra and astronomy
Math wizards sit on the globe and laugh physics
Now you in the cell tryna remember your last visits
Crooked palms, they polluted our book of charms
Powerful Haitian voodoo with the 23rd book of psalms
My every word conjure real fear
The candles burn and they realize the magic is still here
Cripple my culture put the knowledge in the wheelchair
Statue of the Black Madonna crying out of real tear
Yeah, I know I touch on so many topics
Plug my mind onto the Earth socket
Psychic storm, rain dancer from the first tropic
Strike your dome, one flash and it's back to ash
Your life's gon'
Granted a couple lifetimes to prove my divinity
Striving to be righteous, it's how they remember me

(Chorus) 2x

[Chief Kamachi]
They tryna take our freedom stroll
On the corner where the dreams are sold
Little kids die young; all of the fiends are old
Even in the summertime it feel like the freezing cold
You stare in the mirror and try hard to see your soul
With so much murder and death in the air
That we never see what a great reflection is there
It is part of us religious leaders neglected to share
we divine, no need to be depressed and despair
I smile if my last resting place is the chair
Cuz I reincarnate in war paint and a spear
The message is clear
That's what's happening with this African here
No flinching another lynching I'll be back in a year

(Chorus) 2x

Mic Messiah
Yeah, Clock of Destiny
C'mon, JuJu Mob
Yeah, Chief Kamachi