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Artist: Chief Kamachi
Album:  The Clock of Destiny
Song:   Prince Hall
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(News sample)
"And for centuries they have been surrounded by secrecy and rumor
But tonight Action News has a rare look inside their village"

Tomb is open
Slap the hollow drum
Yeah, JuJu Mob

[Chief Kamachi]
Yo, when the tomb is open may the real Pharaoh come
Old hands of the Priest slap the hollow drum
Voice echo through valley children of the sun
Meditate with the God, the Savior has come
Stargazers spit lasers from lungs
Shambhala boys that was raised in the slums
Blood of the anointed, man on the run
The candles are lit, the rituals begun
Let's travel, the Abydos on the camel
I see the temple lights reflect from solar panels
Anunnaki soundwaves choppy messing with channels
Space age, space gauge, don't need no ammo
Channel the spirit the animals hear it
Ghetto esoteric, JuJu Mob honorable cleric
Buncha bad guys' scientist murderous mob guys
Street nigga podium debating the Rabbi's
Smile when the seven in the cres' on the flag rise
Me and the four elements just like the Fab Five
Mind is Moorish album drops sign of Taurus
More black flowers bought from the family florist
Stand on the square, every lesson here is the purest
The name is Uhuru, please stop calling me Horus
Reach the deepest depths with the speech of vets
Eleven times three, are you ready for the secrets steps?
African gold on the scale, let's test a gram
"Are you a philosopher?" I scream back "YES I AM!"
Still can't see the light I've been down the tree of life
Tarot card, be in the hood to make a G a night
Ghetto niggas, with deep Rosicrucian views
As a child played my hieroglyphic Rubik's Cube
The Math magician, Section-8 Egyptian, Nile Nutrition
Jungle Brother been gon', the whole style been missing
Prince Hall!

(News sample)