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Artist: Chief Kamachi
Album:  The Clock of Destiny
Song:   2nd Lecture
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

Yeah, ha-ha
Welcome, Kamachi
Still spit street Kabalah
Yeah, that JuJu slang
You ain't never heard no hieroglyphics like these before, man
The one and only Section-8 Egyptian
And we live from Philadelphia
Once again.... Welcome to the Grand Lodge
Ha-ha, yeah, it's been a minute right?
Giving it to 'em for more than a decade
Yeah, yeah, Mic Messiah, Kamachi
Yeah, uh, uh, yeah
Yo, yo, yeah

[Chief Kamachi]
Under the star Orion
I studied math and Mayans
Smoke L in Zion
Known as an humble lion
See the prayer rug don't think I brung the iron
Red thug in disguise like a Russian spying
Broke the spell, ten wicked witches scrying
I be dead, if I ever really thought of dying
Back to the strip, another four grip is flying
Cemetery's packed, need some more dirt for you to lie in
Talk to your body, full moon psychic scribing
Since you still living, you think that I might be lying?
Kamachi! JuJu Mob! Pharaoh!
My death choir, sing a homicide carol
My Cathedral guarded by the God's barrels
Blood of famous people splash on my apparel
Manipulate the energies of enemies
Symphony of the most sinister chemistries

Mic Messiah!
JuJu Mob!
C'mon, yeah
They know what is it right?
Yeah, the one and only
Yeah, Mic-Mic-Mic Messiah