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Artist: Chino Nino f/ Big Tymers
Album:  Get Wet
Song:   Pimps, Playas-n-Hustlas
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Handle it boy...

Shine like a blue moon at bezel
I shine in the summer or in the rainy weather
Player look nigga, I can shoot dice
But you can't break me fella
I go to my teller cuz I'm high and I need so cheddar
You little young C.E's need to sell some O's
And tell your ho's to get out my grill cause I got cash flow
More mo's extremes be these ho's dreams
Twenty-inch rims Expiditions for the whole team
Now picture me in Akron city immediately
And these ho's in my grill acting silly
Cuz a New Orlean's nigga hit that city
And I'm locing with my homeboy chilly
Now player, I play the game the only way I can deal 'em dog
I watch these niggas eye-to-eye so I can see 'em fall
And the devil got these streets dry cuz niggas packing heat
And real niggas beef is putting real niggas to sleep
And I might slow down cuz niggas wanna see white sheets
And I'm in club status drinking on Don P
It ain't no secret I could fuck any bitch in Ohio city
Cuz these ho's be loving me

[Mannie Fresh]
Have to beat a bitch
Mistreat a bitch
Cheat a bitch
Delete a bitch
Now who's the shits?
See my story takes place on the late night
I was in Ohio trying to get some Ak-right
Bitch was acting funny so I had to get game
I said you'll be my queen
I'll be your king shit'l never change
Now I'm just sitting there looking at the beaver
It's hairy like Barry and it's bigger than Geneva
Something said stick my finger in so I did
Then came the two the three the four the thumb and ahh shit
I just don't believe it how can she concieve it?
My fist, my wrist bitch, you need to Summer's Eve it
Bitch yo' bush black you smell like--step back
What the fuck is that?
Didn't stop me uh-uh it's time to flow
Best believe Mannie Fresh be packing bro'
Pulled out the jimmy put it on and went straight to it
One minute in, SPLASH and I'm draining my fluid
You niggas lock you ho's up like po-po's
Cause my dick stay up all night like noone knows

[Chino Nino]
Hooked up with Mannie and Baby
Now everythang's all gravy
From New Orleans to the OH-10 we got 'em craving
Hey yo Baby, why the fuck doubt you man?
I done seen the black Range Rovers with them TV's playing
See these hands?  I'm trying to fill them up with shit
Fuck that bitch, her brotha mad 'cause she sucked my dick
I don't love that bitch, matter of fact you can keep that ho
I got twenty-five models, twenty-five hot bottles for show
Hey yo Mannie, quit hitting these niggas they can't stand it
Candy ham sandwich take them bandanas for granted
Chino Nino to my guy Lil Bino from Flam Flawless
Haters try holding me down, but imma blow this bitch regardless
I rented a 5,000 square-foot bedroom suite
At 40,000 dollars a week so me and my lady can retreat
Feel the heat, I'm on fire with the Hot Boyz and Big Tymers
You ain't never seen no niggas like this big balling-ass rhymers
I use to roll up, this is a hold up ain't nothing funny
Stop smiling consider that move with Cash Money (Playboy bunny)

[Chino Nino]
Pimps, Playas and Husters

[Mannie Fresh]
Against ho's, bitches and bustas

[Chino Nino]
We da Pimps, Playas and Husters

[Mannie Fresh]
You look like a ho, a bitch, and a busta

[Chino Nino]
Pimps, Playas and Husters

[Mannie Fresh]
You ol' ho, bitch-ass busta

[Chino Nino]
Pimps, Playas and Husters

[Mannie Fresh]
Mother fuck all these stanking-ass bustas

[Ad-Libs to end]