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Artist: Cherrywine
Album:  Bright Black
Song:   What I'm Talking
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[Hook: repeat 2X]
Come in the place and trip
Thats what I'm talkin about
Pour yourself a taste and sip
Thats what I'm talkin' about
Nigga don't waste the trip
thats what I'm talikin' about
I'ma try it, see if it fit
Thats what I'm talkin about

Cherrywine taste nigga
Thats what I'm talkin' about
I go to the church and get my soul
I go to my cousin and get my dough
I go the mirror and get my love
I go to my woman and ask for drugs
Go to the office and earn my pay
I go to my label and get my look
I go to my momma ,she brings me home
I go to the limit and keep on goin'
I don't miss a beat
Girls think I'm sweet, niggaz get the heat
Thats what
Thats what I'm talkin about


Go to my sound, enjoy my crown
Go to my heart and trip on love
Go to the pill and get my thrill
Go to the devil, run up my bill
I go to my mind, design my crime
Go to my babies, 'cause that's the truth
Go to my psalms, 'cause that's the bomb
Go to my niggaz who play to win
My sounds float the sky
Girls think I'm shy, niggaz know I'm high
Thats what
Thats what I'm talkin about


Champagne buzz so your mind is soft
Getting' all the bitches, how much that cost?
Floss, but your talent don't balance
Get so far from how fresh we are
Got sex appeal, mass appeal, drug appeal
Guns, guns, guns, for rea/l
Hoes do it for the cash
Might be a good crook
But your back is trash
Love one, let me do it
Get the niggaz up to it
Bring the ladies back into it
I tell you something different
Build a new song, drive it down your block
Now that's pimpin'

[Hook] w/ ad libs

Yeah we whippin up

Crowds around
Blow the sound, let it pour
Get your throne, hold your own
Put a little pressure, you'll see who's grown
Diamond thoughts, hearts of dough
Pimp shades, Couintreau
Roll your dice man, you never know