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Artist: Chaundon f/ Jean Grae
Album:  Carnage
Song:   Gone
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Gone to love another. And now gone a little further you're gone
Yeah. Yeah, yeah. You're gone
You're gone. Yeah, yeah you're gone

(Jean Grae)
How could I not have seen this coming
Not even a feeling, something?
A warning sign, cause this beyond some borderline frontin'
Hysterical blindness, straight starin' at eyelids
Face buried in the closet now, I'll burn this bitch down
Think fast, then exhale, nigga turn your shit round
Face me, explain. You get the urge to spilt town?
Gotta life, Pittsburgh, somethin' I missed now?
Pardon me, i'm perturbed. I'm cool. I'll sit
How many times you been with her? How's the sex, similar?
Nah. Probably if it was you wouldn't be hittin' her
Dumb question, right?
So listen, got advice
What'd you do in my position (huh?), in the kitchen there's a knife
Don't worry bout the blood, I'll only stick you twice
In the heart then the jugular. shit
I'm your wife you little fucker
Damn, my mother was right
I grab the burner then I (blocka, blocka). Say goodnight you sucka

(Refrain x2)

(Jean Grae)
Rock-a-bye baby

Shit. Bitch why you shoot me?
Goddamn, I'm bleeding profusely
Hold on, wait a minute. Let me talk
Put the fuckin' gun down I'll tell you what's up
There's a lot of things going on that you wasn't telling me
I'm insecure so of course that lead to infidelity
Too many male friends, everybody calling you
2am, 3am, what the fuck is wrong with you?
And you expect me to stand here faithful?
You don't respect me, bitch I hate you
And for the record her pussy was wetter, gave head better, made more cheddar
Shoulda packed my bags when I had the chance
But I got greedy hoped you save the last dance
But fuck it. It is what it is, oh well
Bitch I wish you ill, I'll see you in hell