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Artist: Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf
Album:  Big Shots
Song:   Tell You Something
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(I think I wanna, I think I wanna)

I think I wanna tell you somethin
(Well go on, tell me somethin)

[ VERSE 1: Charizma ]
You! The one with the big - yeah
And you, oh, you look so good
And you, you shoplift every day
And you and you and you, come here, yeah!
High school girls, you need to learn some things
College girls, you need to use your brains
Cause I'm a creator and a dominator
You're not down for hittin skins later, you perpetrator
I come tight with the beat and all that
So throw your hands in the air, show me what you got there
Cause girls just wanna have fun
But deep inside my heart I know girls just wanna have funds
You, yeah, you make me go off
I'm three feet high and risin now - so take it off!
And I'm like yo
Drop the peenie in a peehole and I hear a echo
Out is what I be cause I'm too fly for that
Besides, I like hip-hop, you like R&B crap

[ VERSE 2: Charizma ]
You, you need to watch your back
And you, look spectacular
And you, you cut school every day
And you and you and you, come here, yeah!
Chill with a brother, why dontcha
I'm suave and debonair, the fliest kid of the year
I don't like to drive, tell the girls to pick me up
So just honk, I meet you outside, my room's messed up
This is the gameplan, let's get some food first
A girl with the empty stomach is the, is the, is the, is the
You played some songs, you played Keith songs
You played Teddy songs, you played Luther songs
You played Johnny songs, you played Marvin songs
You're real romantic - so is it on?
Throw those big things girl, cause I'm catchin em
Gimme some new gear and girls I'm wreckin em
Yeah, I'm tellin you girl, you look dip
So cut all the conflict and let's get down with this
I'll treat you swell, you treat me well
We might have a story to tell, oh what the hell