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Artist: Chance
Album:  Vera Wang (S)
Song:   Vera Wang
Typed by: Semp Rok

We stay fly
(Light it up, Light it up, Light it)
We stay high
(Light it up, Light it up, Light it)
We gettin' money
(Light it up, Light it up, Light it)
We rolling 20's
(Light it up, Light it up, Light it)

[Verse #1]
I'm an astronaut
Come from the back blocks
I'm a mack keep a chick on my laptop
Keep a wrist full of black rocks
And my swag on padlock
I got game like Black Op's
I be chillin where it's mad hot
Where the chicks is bad
Shop all day
Snort coke and get ass shots (Damn)
That gotta be Jam baby
Cause I know how Jelly shakes
Let's roll another L (L)
And elevate
I'm on another level
I got the cheat codes
My crib around the street
I live by the G-Code
I'll put you on to all kind of shit
The finest shit
Like flyin', buyin' diamonds, sippin' wine and shit
I'm flyer than them niggas that you ridin'
So ride with me and we can get high as shit

Cuz I just bought an ounce of that Mary Jane
Smoked a blunt and now my eyes look like Vera Wang's
Rolled a Dutch
Aint no paper planes flying here
Got one lit and got another spliff behind my ear
(Repeat 2x)

[Verse #2]
You see I keep me a bad little groupie
Or a chick you might have seen in a movie
Two or three
The more the more fun
Go back over there and tell all them broads come
(uh yeah) Have a Menage
I get high like everyday is Friday
And everyday is my day
Every minute my time
If you tryna get it hit a nigga on the hotline
Not signed but a nigga major
You aint talkin' paper than hit a nigga later
Come to Y.O. and a nigga like the Mayor
Always on that new shit
This is Chance BETA (bitch)