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Artist: Chamillionaire f/ Big K.R.I.T., Stephanie Tunchez
Album:  This My World 12"
Song:   This My World
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[Intro - Chamillionaire]
A different city every night, right?
And they be goin so insane
I'm reppin for my city right, right
So you should be happy that I came

[Chorus - Chamillionaire]
You wouldn't believe it, if ya seen me
I watch the skyline light up every evening
It's like I'm dreamin, baby what I mean is
Most of y'all don't know it be
'Cause this my world, whooa
This my world, whooa
This my world, whooa
This my world, whooa
Off the chain

[Verse 1 - Chamillionaire]
I don't worry about paper I passed up, I focus on money my hands' touch
If that right there don't add up, I gotta let you know that your math sucks (sucks)
You don't ever talk to a calculator (nah), you don't get caught with an ounce of paper
Every convo is about a favor, had to get a mansion without the neighbors
I ain't meanin no bad chick (say what?), when I say they don't have a dime
And I ain't meanin no gold watch (okay), when I say "I don't have the time" (time)
My hustle is the reason why I'm known to shine (shine), it's like I'm in my own world
'Cause these boys out here full of talkin and textin all my old girls
You call that your homegirl (say what?), I call that my dome girl
Call that my err, I'm not home, leave a message after the tone girl
I go to places they rap about but girls only love ya 'cause the cash ya got
See all these hoes is chasin stars, growin up to be cashtronauts
Can't get mad, I asked for it (uh), livin life in that airport (uh)
Y'all ain't even get off the ground (ground), y'all stuck in that chairport
I know they wanna see my cash short but only thing I ask Lord
Is please don't let me run out of nothin but pages in my passport
And I know

[Chorus] - w/ ad libs

[Verse 2 - Big K.R.I.T.]
Been through a lot just to get this far (far), whip that car (car), grip that grain (grain)
Rear D pipes (pipes), on the lights (lights), went from broke (broke), to havin things (things)
Catchin planes (planes), out of state, I got dues to pay, I got moves to make (moves to make)
Fuck the fee, they depend on me, to keep the lights on and food on they plate (on they plate)
Hit the slab, push it to the max, expensive taste, I love poppin tags (poppin tags)
Fuckin hoes, I live hittin the lab (hittin the lab), spittin bars that reflect my past (my past)
What you know about sold out shows? Promotin gun shit, everywhere I go (I go)
Puttin on for the third coast, sippin lean, give a damn, what you thinkin, them my folk (my folk)
If nothin else, yeah, I gave them hope, yeah they can follow dreams of they own
Be successful and ride clean with the chrome, if it ain't past, ought to leave it alone
Ignore that hate, embrace that love, most niggaz talk down just because
I'm puttin my faith in the man above, about my bread, better be about yours
Be about yo's, stay on course, I make my mark everywhere I go
I spit that trill every time I flow, give my all, 'cause it's all I know
That's all I show, so when I toast to the life I live, I'm takin off like a laser beam
Rather not wake up, gotta get my cake up, while I'm out here livin the dream
This my world


[Bridge - Chamillionaire]
A different city in the nightlife
And they be goin so insane
I'm reppin for my city right, right
So you should be happy that I came

She say she want to spend the night, right? (spend the night)
And I don't even know her name (don't even know yo' name)
They sit and watch me as I fly high
Yeah she wanna be my Lois Lane

[Verse 3 - Chamillionaire]
Uh, fresh off the plane (fresh off the plane), straight to the Rover (Rover)
I can't complain, tip for the chauffeur (tip for the chauffeur)
When I hit my room, it's over, floor that I'm on, high as a toker
Funny thing is this girl is sober but she gon' be drunk 'fore she hit the sofa
You can stay the night if you actin right (right)
The view that we lookin at, that's a sight (sight)
'Cause who really be livin that rapper life
If they ain't made a rhyme after, then they ain't rappin right (right)
See me and K.R.I.T. got dough appetites, you couldn't see us with a flash of light
So you could die, then come back to life and couldn't see us in the after life
And you know

[Chorus] - w/ ad libs & Stephanie Tunchez in the background

[Outro - Chamillioniare] - w/ Stephanie Tunchez in the background
I had a dollar to my name, quarter in my jeans (yeah)
Million dollar vision, now I'm livin out my dreams
It's my world, it's my world, it's my world (uh, Playlist Poison)

I had a dollar to my name (yeah), quarter in my jeans (hold up)
Million dollar vision now I'm livin out my dreams
It's my world, it's my world, it's my world (it's my world)
It's my world (uh), yeah

Comin down, uh, Playlist Poison