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Artist: Chamillionaire
Album:  Pound Cake Freestyle
Song:   Pound Cake Freestyle
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Chamillitary, wassup?
Chamillitary, wassup?
(Ooooh-oooh-hooo, dolla bill y'all)
Easy (Oooh... oooh...)
(Ooooh-oooh-hooo, dolla bill y'all)

Couple investments a few of 'em made some major sense
Keep ya two pennies especially if you ain't made a cent
I learned the game and been getting publishing ever since 
People that ain't made a dollar will say they ain't convinced 
When you ride to 7-Eleven on some handle bars 
You can't vision how catchy hooks could take a man to Mars 
The problem is that, y'all only just wanna hang wit stars 
Heard Lauryn sing and I wanted to take +The World+ from Nas 
Uh, I salute but I still demand applause 
I've given infinite gifts I still feel like Santa Clause 
Males acting like girls, I call it man-opause 
This that type of verse that I bet you that type of man'll pause 
I can't stop and give the hataz what they ask for 
99 thousand or more inside the cash drawer 
I'm the type to keep a passport on the dashboard 
Looking for a south of France shore to make a dash for 
Feeling like Damon Dash, boi I move that acappellas 
When times is +Bleek+ I hit the +Freeway+ like it's Roc-A-Fella 
It's been a decade get a +Clue+ that you could stop me never 
You'd have a better chance of trying to stop a hot propeller.. 
on a jet while smoking a cigarette 
wit gasoline on ya hands, kerosene on ya breath  
Oh yes I do it the best, get verses then you are blessed 
I do it for what it's worth and I'll never do it for less 
Stress... never that, I know the album is more than late 
Looked quantity in the face and told it you're gonna wait 
Send a salute to the people who push the culture straight 
and those who culture-hate I just hope you don't get to procreate 
Met with some rappers that industry people overrate 
Met with the devil but said I wouldn't negotiate 
Lyor made millions, Jay made millions 
And if Cham made millions, I'm feelin like I can sure relate 
Killa~! See Mr. Koopa got 'em quite jealous 
People that hang wit Mr. Koopa turn to sky dwellers 
I'm from a city where the skinny turn to pie sellers 
and if any say they making millis then they lie tellers 
Preach, the struggle will never cease 
Your struggle look like a puddle, my struggle look like a SHEESH~! 
I'm visualizing it clear like I'm Mr. Michael Artis 
It's either Jackson or Jordan, I feel like Michael on beats 
Coulda been on a beach instead I turnt to a beast 
The clarity of my raps you'd think I created speech 
Saw me dirty my cleats all over these Houston streets 
The hundreds stay in my reach, the money stay on a leash 
Woof! I know you hear them dogs barkin 
That hype beasting is in Houston what we call boppin
I make I'm pay for all my words it's like a blog auction 
and +Go Daddy+ what she tells me when we blog shopping 
I'm the type to make it and give it a fee 
And you the type that make it they wouldn't take it for free 
They look at you and they like, "Tell me what's in it for me" 
and wouldn't take ya disc if you put it under the Christmas tree 
Me, Lets talk about consistency 
Consistently make em feel like these other rappers ain't sick as me 
I'm currently in city they'll never get to see 
The only suite/Sweet that they'll ever see is a pack of swishas, G 
My OG be callin me to say the streets miss me 
He know I'm eatin' but the reason is I eat picky 
Like PlayStation, they pump fakin and you'll see quickly 
The game switched they'll always end up wit a +360+ 
Album's coming I tell the doubters just wait 'til then 
Shot videos and you know that I'd never waste a lens 
They sleeping on me could hope that they never wake again 
But they gotta be sleep when you're planning a rude awakening 

(Ooooh-oooh-hooo, dolla bill y'all)

Uh, aiyyo Texas you know the puzzles what I had to solve 
Ya +Prodigy+ be bringing +Havoc+ like I had a +Mobb+ 
Had three enemies so them odds what I had to dodge 
And now I'm riding in cars that look like Avatars 
They ain't never had the soft, never had the hard 
They try to make it sound deep to pretend they have a cause 
Pushing them yellow bricks- no, that's where you have to pause 
Most of 'em +Cowardly+ and +Lion/lyin like the man on Oz
Lyin to you, falsifying with their little bars 
They'd probably try to tell you Tommy really had a job 
Tell you how they had to starve and how they had rob 
Like they went to Heaven and took a blessing from the hand of God 
Nah... Sorry, I don't don't believe it  
...Don't believe what ya reading 
...Who the ones that achieved it? Not them, we did 
Irrelevance is as relevant as the person that said it  
You ain't never did anything, don't you ever forget it 
...That dialogue you can dead it  
You borrow your mother's car and put half a tank of unleaded, heheh