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Artist: Chamillionaire 
Album:  Good Morning 12" 
Song:   Good Morning 
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[Chorus - set to Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'"] 
I want to show all of my haters love (hey!) 
This song's for you (this song's for you) 
If you had it like me and I was in your shoes 
I'd probably hate on me too 
See when you're gettin big cash stacks, all the haters hate that 
'Cause they hate to see you be successful 
I want to show all of my haters love 
So I wave to you like "good morning" 
Ha-ha-ha-ha-haters, good morning 
Ha-ha-ha-ha-haters, good morning 
[Verse 1 - Chamillionaire] 
Yeah, today gonna be +A Good Day+, I'm feelin like I'm Ice Cube 
I'm wakin up like can't nobody mess up my mood 
Knowin I'm a boss, I'm a do what I choose 
If I was you then I would probably (hate of me too) 
If it's true (true), that money is time, then watch this 
Ain't tryin to run out of time, so I purchase some watches 
Y'all sick, the chips got the haters nauseous 
They chicks jumpin in my whip like a mosh pit 
I wish (wish) I could be effected by any hate but I can't (can't) 
'Cause I just get effected by the bank 
It's great (great) to never know the feel of bein fake 
I awake, then I go take a visit to the sink 
Uh, dirty money got me sanitizin my hands 
Lord knows what the previous owner did with these grands 
Yeah, I ain't sayin it just to brag 
I say it so you can be motivated to get the cash 
[Verse 2 - Chamillionaire] 
Hold up (hold up) 
Success is a woman, I always had dreams of sexin 
If wantin her is a crime, just take me in for possession 
Even in a recession, I'm leavin a good impression 
Reflection on the rims, so they can see they expressions 
I'm busy man, you need to schedule an appointment 
Haters on they job and they act like they enjoy it 
Wake up in the morning, now hop into my foreign 
Walk into the bank and it's just like a house warming 
Hey, we get the money by the minute 
They said we couldn't do it (do it) but we already did it (did it) 
I'm fresh outfitted and my Benz got kitted 
'Cause I get-get-did it and you did-did-didn't 
I admit it, I'm really 'bout to show you how I do 
If you know that you a hater, this dedicated to you 
You hatin my last move, I'm way on my next move 
See they hate to see you be successful 
Ha-ha-ha-ha-haters, good morning 
Ha-ha-ha-ha-haters, good morning