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Artist: Chamillionaire
Album:  Reignfall EP
Song:   Keep Drivin'
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Who are you to have any clout or have any doubt about my potential?
You ain't workin for the police, you'll never get to check my credentials
Took a look at my blueprint, tried to copy me like a stencil
But they can only be #2, I hope you fakers run out of pencils
So presidential like Kennedy in that Continental
Except it's like I switched vehicles and didn't let 'em see what I'm hoppin into
When they see you get popular then they poppin up to come pop your mental
They always told me that money talks and my conversation ain't confidential
Who said that I can't eat? Well that's somethin that I can't digest
I'm 'bout to eat like I closed my eyes and this meal in front of me got blessed
Only guilty of bein dope, I'm pleadin like it's no contest
Cause if you think that they got it locked then that lock to me is like Loch Ness
Y'all talk about me way more than me, and what do you think that say 'bout you?
In yo' mind I keep poppin up, my nickname shoulda been déjà vu
Been here for too long for you to say I'm through, I stay blessed, I ain't even say "hatchoo"
My city and state will say I'm true cause I be doin everything I say I do (woo!)

[Chorus: Chamillionaire]
Hop in the drop, no time to wait
No, I know you see me hustlin every day
They know they not, they know they ain't
So, they say how fast I'm goin isn't safe
They tell me stop, pump on your brakes
No, I just keep drivin, keep drivin straight
They tell me stop, pump on your brakes
No, I just keep drivin, keep drivin straight

I've been runnin this for forever so listen close if you new to this
Every day is a motion picture, my calendar is a movie list
Introduce myself as a rapper that put the guap before groupie chicks
In the coupe and I'm ridin like I can't let the top of that roof exist
See I was local, not hot at all, told myself that I gotta ball
Hit the streets with that Houston heat, helped you +Get Ya Mind Right+ with Paul
Every verse is just like the law, I'm the person they Skype or call
Want a verse, they ask what it's worth, I'm like "Koopa really don't like ya, naw"
Never sold you no lame gimmick, I never sold you no fake image
Don't disrespect me and don't you ever put me and them in the same sentence
The same menace that taught ya hustle, I start the engine, get out the way
You're really hopin my reign fall then write a rain check cause it's not todayyyy

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

Keep drivin straaaaaaaaaaaight
Keep drivin, keep drivin
Keep drivin straaaaaaaaaaaight
Keep drivin, keep drivin, keep drivin straight
Money all on my plate, they keep tellin me wait
I ain't takin no breaks (ooh yeah yeah) I just hop in my ride and drive
I ain't tryin to be late, I'm just tryin to be great
I can't tell you my fate (ooh yeah yeah) just let me know if you down to ride
(Ooh yeah yeah) I just hop in my ride and drive