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Artist: Chamillionaire
Album:  Mixtape Messiah 7 (Disc 1)
Song:   The One
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[Intro - Chamillionaire - talking and impersonating "The Godfather"]
Hard hit assassin
Some people call him Chamillionaire
Other people call him King Koopa
A very dangerous guy, you know?
He's been workin with me for ten years
Let me call him in

[Verse 1 - Chamillionaire]
Allow me to reintroduce myself, I am the one (one), that y'all try to copy (woo!)
I'm talkin disc, CD or like floppy
And I ain't standin next to y'all, so just crop me
Photoshop money, y'all can say that y'all top me (one)
Tell God I don't deserve this living (nah)
And tell Hugh Hef' I don't deserve his women
Got the Play Bunnies with the curls just swimmin
They say ask and you receive, so all the girls just give in (one)
Yeah, ya know the jealous ones envy
Glass is half full or the glass is half empty (fo' real?)
It doesn't matter 'cause you drunk, so don't tempt me
Your girl got a tattoo on her back that say "rent me" (one)
Outspend me and get to handcuffin
Stacks on deck but you know I'm a hand nothin
I give a pass just to hear ya man huffin
And puffin to his man like he done really did something (one)
Been killin the streets with all my product man
I drag mixtapes around in a body bag (woo)
+Ridin Dirty+ and they knew it when they saw the tags
More ammunition in the trunk than the Saudis had (one)
Forget beef 'cause I proved that I'm the baddest
And y'all still question my USDA status (fo' real)
Y'all my children but I'm really embarrassed
But no Al Bundy with the money it's "Marriage" (one)
And you know who bootleggin me, you some rejects
Ducked the little blanks that you shootin like a reflex
I'm like The Hulk and I'm angered by your weak threats
I'm a oversized beast bustin out a V-neck (one)
I'm so creative and they created a art dealer
A artist that sells art for all of y'all figures
I don't discriminate with rappers, I'm a all killer
Godzilla, never, ever hurt by your artill-
ery (one) and I promise that I'm more than hype
Four of ten Texas rappers are my prototypes
If you gonna do it, then you got to do it more than right
That ain't no Hapoosa mayne, homie that's a motorcyc/psyche (one)
I'm on the flight, all my money's well spent (spent)
On Continental and a continent is where I went (went)
I hit the checking counter they be askin me for rent
I'm goin to hit ya chick and she won't ask me for a cent (one)
Told me that she bi and doesn't mean she bicoastal
Flow through, poke you, like a player supposed to
Runnin through your thoughts while you're sleepin like it's '02
H2 (yeah), O (yeah), you get wetter than a boat (woo, one)
Ever diss me then I'm the one that will promote you
Show you what it is 'til everybody know you
Hopeful, hope you don't ever get too vocal
'Cause I'm a just approach you when you do it and ch-choke you (one)