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Artist: Chamillionaire
Album:  Mixtape Messiah 7 (Disc 1)
Song:   Successful
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(Chamillitary mayne)

[Verse 1 - Chamillionaire]
In school I was skinny, my homie told me "I'll show you things"
Then he taught me how to take a soda out a coke machine
Hurry up before it ring, wrote a letter to the bing
Life can get you screwed and ya it's true, my homie's on a lean
Hit the money spot, couldn't pull no money out
Went to Pen and Pixel, asked to help 'em with the Photoshop
Knew the pictures wasn't real, Pen and Pixel known to crop
Now they takin pictures of the drop when I unfold the top
Uh, my father put me in a Levi
Couldn't afford to step in a Huarache or a Fila
Psychic walked up to me, asked me if I wanna see my
Future, I told her "no because my future is to be fly"
Uh, I got my sky miles up
Successful just ain't in sight, I guess I found my luck
Said every chick I'm around in that H-Town messed up
Especially to have the privilege of an all night tuck (yeah)

[Chorus - Chamillionaire]
I got the money, money and the cars
Cars and the clothes, the hoes, I suppose
I knew I would be, I knew I would be successful
I knew I would be, I knew I would be successful (yeah)
I knew I would be, I knew I would be successful

[Verse 2 - Chamillionaire]
Said I was dressin tacky (yeah), while they was dressin in khakis
Walked in the gymnasium, back when
 they didn't attack me (yeah)
Pictures that they attach me that say "that I miss you badly"
Wonderin how it feel to realize that you could of had me (could of had me)
Even in Spanish little Kelly was lookin cute
The usages of her tongue could never be good as you
It was Quito (yeah), Ecuador (yeah), Lima (yeah), Peru
Who knew that I would of flew? to every city that she spew
Interview and I ain't even have no time for dinner
But no one cares that you're skinny when they feel that you a winner
Women want to be with you, even if you a beginner
Want you to stay the night even if you ain't really finna
You enter, the room and she's watchin out the corner
Her eye on you, realize that she got barely nothin on her
She gets off of the bed and then says "follow if you wanna" (yep)
She hops in the jacuzzi and says join her (yep)