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Artist: Chamillionaire
Album:  Mixtape Messiah 7 (Disc 2)
Song:   The Realest Eva
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[Chorus - Chamillionaire]
I'm the realest eva, no I don't need no proof
I'm-I'm the realest eva, no I don't need no proof
I'm-I'm-I'm the realest eva, no I'm the realest eva
No I'm the realest eva, no I don't need no proof

[Verse 1 - Chamillionaire]
Yeah, racist people look at me like I'm a martian
Check the card, yeah my money lookin dark skinned
Tell the bank teller the black President just walked in
Pac-Man with the grands, I'm, I'm starvin
Fresh to death feelin like I'm in a coffin (yeah)
Take it with me, I'll get buried in my vault then (yeah)
Just watch your Queen baby like a poker cards fan
I tap that and then play her like GarageBand
Carson Daly baby, I be on that paper route
Did it, count it, took it to the bank, deposit, take it out
Uncle Sam be on the nuts but that ain't what I'm thinkin 'bout
Counterfeit the bank and countin, paid 'em with a fake amount (woo)
She ain't really wanna tell ya that she love me
I'm a hop out the closet and jump on ya chick like "Chuckie"
It's the Chamillionaire but they callin me "Mr. Money"
Throw some money my way and I bet I won't miss the money
H-Town where I'm a see ya, pullin my slab right down to feed her
H-Town, yeah I'm the leader, never met Oprah but I'm a meet her
Caddy clean, two seater, Excursion, a few seater
Stop beggin, 'cause my Benz'll turn into a not you seater
Cristal, don't ever drink it but I will get paid to think it
Upload this verse and link it, I sure Will like Jada Pinkett
Four wheels, fo's peel, fill it up, it cost four bills
Better not get in my way 'cause I'll turn y'all to roadkill, yeah