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Artist: Chamillionaire
Album:  Mixtape Messiah 7 (Disc 1)
Song:   Playa Status
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[Intro - Chamillionaire - talking]
You know what it is
No way, no way, aye
Chamillitary mayne
Yeah, hold up
No way, no way, aye

[Verse 1 - Chamillionaire]
Hey, everytime I poke her, it's just like we playin poker (woo!)
Lipstick smeared and I got her smilin harder than The Joker (yeah)
Ever get caught with a chick with a chick who like "it's over" (what?)
And get the worst excuse to work like "I don't even know her"
Tell me where your mattress at 'cause I'm about to flip that like Mattress Mack
I'm gon' light that mattress up then I make you pay me back for that
Pockets like a Cabbage Patch, she ready to vegetate
She chasin LeBron and Wade, so her status can elevate
I never would hesitate, if that heffa had better brakes
Be ready to tell a date that her cycle was hella late
Get left 'cause you're never straight, forever, forever fake
Click over, put her on hold forever and let her wait
I'm never for any games, not ownin a Xbox
I let her get out the ride and watch her and my ex box
Next stop, next block, her house like a rest stop
She work me, I'm like a trucker in need of some rest, stop, chill out

[Chorus - Chamillionaire]
No way, no way, no waaayyy
No way, no way, I don't think that you the baddest no mo', no mo', no moooo', umm
So stop beggin and don't blow up my phone, my phone, my phooonnne
My phone, my phone, it's too late, your playa status is gone, is gone, so gooonnne
Umm and you know I'm a keep it playa fo' sho'

[Verse 2 - Chamillionaire]
Yeah, uh, guess that I'm gifted, sex is terrific
I pull it out, you can bet she gon' kiss it
Gettin explicit, animalistic
Bet that your chick will become a statistic
Number's unlisted, fresher than this kid
Don't know who 'cause it's sure not you (who?)
Call when she miss it, she wanna get this, sometimes fast but it's mostly screw (screw)
No need to have any trees, slang D and she'll be OD'd
Hope she ain't got to go to work 'cause this week she gon' be on leave
I'll let you relieve your sleeve, your chick is like COD
Usually I go check my list and then 'X' 'em like Leo G
I don't know no Robin Givens, plus we can't get that involved
It ain't trickin if you got it (what?) but you won't get that at all
That's a "nah", had a broad, said she never had her prom
Disco/dis go in her upper lip, so she can say she had a ball
I'm pullin out the driveway, had to take off my shades, so my eyes can dilate
She told me that if I'm late, that she gonna kill me, I guess that I'm a die late
I show up when I wanna, gonna get in that tummy like I was a organ donor
Now later is gonna be Sooner like I was from Oklahoma
Never been a Simpson/simp son, so she can't play me like a Homer


[Verse 3 - Chamillionaire]
First she actin hard to get, once she get got, she too attached
I snatched the receipt from underneath her seat and take her back
Know that I don't play it, so save it, like a kept coupon
While I hop back on the 24 inches my Coupe on
What the heck is you on? Live and "In Living Color"
Add another, man I'm gutter, want a problem? I could have one for ya
Bad to the mother, pass me the rubber, then your lover actin bad under covers
In HD, yeah the camera will dub her, rollin around 'til the camera gets smothered
Catch me terrorizin any club tonight that's not closed
+N Luv Wit My Money+, I'm who created the motto (woo)
Me throwin my money in the chicks' hands that are not closed
Like goin to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles to get nachos
You better go get some cheese from somebody that even care
You better salute at ease when you know that you see a playa
Like a spatula, when I'm in back of her
I flip that, tap, tap, she say "that's enough"
Like a magnet for chicks, I don't have to cuff
And when I'm done if she ever, ever ask for bucks

No way, no way, no waaayyy