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Artist: Chamillionaire
Album:  Mixtape Messiah 7 (Disc 1)
Song:   Lonely at the Top
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[Intro - Chamillionaire - talking]
Came a long way, know what I'm sayin?
They tried to tell me how it was gonna be
It's crazy but they all just kept sayin the same thing

[Chorus - Chamillionaire] - 4X
They say it's lonely (they say it's lonely), lonely at the top (top)
Lonely at the top (top), lonely at the top

[Break - Chamillionaire]
It's so lonely
It's so lonellllly
It's so lonely
It's so lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely
It's so lonely

[Verse 1 - Chamillionaire]
Ye-yeah, you can't get to the top without ever riskin your armor
You'll never have full control and that's even if you Obama (fo' real)
Keep a pen for the paper and keep a pistol for drama
Keep a clip for the paper too or they liftin your dollars
Paper clip and I promise, I punch ya just to be honest
Goin over they head 'cause most people Hooked on Ebonics
How he work for the police and he gon' slip ya some chronic?
Money's the root of all evil, then our (pockets is demonic) (yeah)
You go out bein greedy like Madoff did for a dollar
You'll be instantly famous, they takin pics with your barber (fo' real)
They'll be messy as ever, especially if it's a blogger
Turn a artist to target just 'cause your pissed he ain't call ya
Take a trip to the 'hood and you can go pick an Osama
Ain't no camels20but trust me you can get hit with the llama
Never cross the wrong person 'cause he might give you the karma
Hear 'em clappin that, clappin that, like a pistol performance (woo)
You'll be ready to fight when they send a diss to ya mama (okay)
You'll be ready to kill when they send a diss to ya daughter (okay)
Left your girl by her lonely, ya friend assist ya and call her
Wouldn't pay her attention and now you (wish that you saw her)
Because it's


It's so lonely

[Verse 2 - Chamillionaire]
See I had came with some groupies but I forgot who they was (why?)
'Cause they forgot where they manners was when we got in the club (okay)
They forgot that they came with me when they got 'em a buzz
They yellin "me" (me) when Jay-Z askin "who rollin with us?" (say what?)
On Patrón or that vodka like it's the poppinest drug (drug)
She club hoppin with us and then she club poppin with thugs (Slim Thug)
I be solo as ever, 'cause bullets poppin because
He step out with the Bloods and then he got popped by a Cuz
Smoke screen, a mirage, all the candy and cars (cars)
Should of seen how these chickens so quick to hand me they drawers (they drawers)
Look how you throwin rocks like you never had any flaws (*people clapping*)
You can keep your perfection and you have the applause


[Break - Chamillionaire]
It's so lonely
It's so lonellllly
It's so lonely
It's so lonely, lonely, 
lonely, lonely, yeah

[Outro - Chamillionaire - talking over Chorus/Break until end]
Yeah, uh, uh
It's lonely at the top, right?
Unless I stand up here and see down to the bottom clear
Spend your whole life chasin cheddar
Sometimes you just feel like you just want to move on to somethin better
Know what I'm sayin?
I know it's somethin bigger out there, I know it is man, I know it is
Success is similar to goin to jail and gettin locked up by yourself
You got a lot of time to think
Yeah, you gon' have a lot of time to think homie
A whole lot of time to think
You gonna be by yourself
'Cause you ain't gonna want to hang out nobody that's a back stabber
You ain't gonna want to be around people that always come around
with ulterior motives
And you ain't really able to notice
You know, got they hand out, beggin for money
Like you owe 'em the World, you know what I'm sayin?
That's why I ain't lookin at them, I'm lookin for you, you're the future
Are you listenin? I know you're out there, yeah