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Artist: Chamillionaire f/ Tony Henry
Album:  Mixtape Messiah 7 (Disc 1)
Song:   Life Goes On
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[Intro - Tony Henry - talking]
Mmmmm, yeah
Life goes on

[Break - Chamillionaire] - w/ ad libs by Tony Henry
They told me to make another song for the radio (radio)
My mind keeps tellin me "yes" but my heart keeps tellin me "no" (no)
And all I can really think about is the fact that you're gone (fact 
that you're gone)
So now it looks like I've got another sad song

[Chorus - Chamillionaire] - 2X
Life goes on (goes on)
Life goes on
Life goes on, baby, baby
Life goes on

[Verse 1 - Chamillionaire]
Yeah (yeah), they was watchin my pockets while I was poppin my tags
Stayin friends with my friends has been the impossible task
If I had a dollar for every friend that I thought that would last
I'd hit my head on the ceiling, standin on top of my cash
You just tryin to be playa, they just tryin to play you
Soon as you get in some trouble, we'll see who tryin to save you
Promise you that the day you try to hit me with betrayal
I'm a smell your cologne, I'll be so close on your trail
And the homie you really thought was the realest a snitch
I'm the person you call when you tryin to get out a ditch
Yeah I'm talkin to you, wear the shoe if it fits
The broke people that know you, gon' say you changed when your rich (uh)
I'm on the screen shinin, so get with the program
Money's the team baby and I am the spokesman
The trophy is more grands, I hold it with both hands
I shook off the haters after I told them


[Verse 2 - Chamillionaire]
Haha, I used to be such a playa, 'til I hopped out of the game
Plenty knowledge and dollars, I went to college with fame
Used to look ya relationships like a positive thang
'Til I turned into a bank account to deposit your blame
Used to be such a player but now I'm only a ref
So when I tell ya ya fouled and you can only accept
Still hungry as ever, somebody show me a chef
Appetite for the money, so stick a fork in the rest
Unless you callin my mother, I know she love me the best
+Still N Luv Wit My Money+, 'cause money love me to death
Used to promise my lady we'd have the loveliest sex
Was in love with the hunnies but they just loved me and left
All the groupies that's callin me thought I didn't exist
Yeah I'm talkin to you, wear the shoe if it fits
She put death on her lips, tried to give me a kiss
But I turned my head away so she would miss, now


[Break] - w/ ad libs from Tony Henry

[Verse 3 - Chamillionaire]
What it looks like, yeah
'Cause I ain't speakin through music to try to get ya to dance
Tryin to get ya to just give the bigger picture a glance
Record label get mad, you can keep the advance
You could blame it on me and say it was me when they ask
Yeah he came with a mic, they had came with a knife
Yeah he died on the spot but after savin his wife
See the pain that I write, it ain't a thang to recite
Ain't a thang 'cause really I'm just explainin my life
I could tell ya to smile but it would sound kind of sad
I could talk about music but it would sound like I'm mad
'Cause the first thing I thought about when my pen hit the pad
Is before I finish this song, another partner passed

[Chorus] - w/ ad libs from Tony Henry

[Outro - Tony Henry - singing]
Yes it does
Life goes on and on and on
On and on
Ohhhhh, ohhhhh
Life goes on
Yes it does