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Artist: Chamillionaire
Album:  Mixtape Messiah 7 (Disc 2)
Song:   King of Tomorrow
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[Intro - Sratched Chamillionaire samples]
"I-I-I already made it"
"I-I-I already made it"
"I-I-I already made it"
"I already made it, made it, made it"

[Verse 1 - Chamillionaire]
Y'all say that they relevant, I say they embellishin
Keep gettin better, I told 'em that I'm developin
The throne still in the same spot that I set it in
Did have the "Venom" until I drank all the medicine
You're pelicans, your mouth too big so
Won't give you the info, I'll give ya the intro
I'll give ya the hello and I skip to the hell no
I'm knowin that the money the reason you there for
A tall figure, all y'all are raw dinner
I hover about all y'all like Godzilla
I'm crossin a, right, left on a tall sinner
Y'all NBA after W 'cause I ball bigger
What if your fans outnumbered by all your haters
Take a trip to Barbados, enter into hiatus
Enter into a round with no entry for entertainers
We could of did that but instead we just recreate us
So now you are lookin at the brand new we
'Cause it would take a hundred of y'all to make a brand new me
And the man you see, will open man you free
Hit ya chick and then exit when I get a N-U-T
Even without the punchlines, I'm still in front of the line
My +Destiny+ was not a +Child+, she a woman that's fine
She got me permanently tatted on the back of her spine
I'm 2009, y'all 2000 behind
When the heck did we let all these self promoters get on?
Tired of DJ's always yellin over most of the song
What you smokin on? Michael Phelps must of hand you his bong
You can't tell me nothin if you think you know that I'm wrong
Blog after blog with another mixtape to gossip
You and you did it and you are an accomplice
The messed up part is y'all ain't even makin hotness
Stop it, the mixtapes, you shouldn't even drop it
I taught y'all youngin's how to hit a lick
And you didn't make love to it, you got up in it and you hit it quick
Soon as you got a nut you actin like you innocent
Actin like this little ugly baby isn't even his
All y'all the fathers of what we left with
To hell with this relationship, I'll move on to my next chick
They had life but I gave the tapes a death wish
No competition, the Messiahs' are the best-est

[Break - Chamillionaire - talking] ("scratched Chamillionaire samples")
("I-I-I-I-I-I-I already made it")
Yeah, pray for me
("I-I-I already made it")
Hold up
("I-I-I-I-I-I already made it")
("All-all-all-all my-all my-all my-all my Mini Me's can have it")

[Outro - Chamillionaire - talking]
Yeah I meant it when I said we was done man
Everybody keep talkin like they don't think I'm serious man
We done with the legacy, we done with the dynasty
We done with the Mixtape Messiah run, it's been fun
Wakin up every night, gettin in the studio doin nothin but freestyles man
It's a little crazy man
You know? I spend 100, out of a 100% of my time
I spend 85% of my time in the studio doin mixtape freestyles
And I can't go as far as I want with 'em
So I decided to switch it up
And now I spend a 100% of my time in the studio makin real songs man
Y'all can't keep comparin my mixtape work to everybody else
It's a unfair advantage
So a, now we gonna do is, we gonna create a new brand called Major Pain
That's gonna be the name that's runnin the game, know what I'm sayin?
New music all on authentic and original beats, know what I'm sayin?
Somethin fresh, somethin new
We got to switch it up man, can't keep doin the same thing
Everybody else in Texas, y'all need to follow my lead man
Put out some real songs, some real music
Real content, know what I'm talkin 'bout?
If you already doin that, then you shouldn't feel offended
If you are offended, then so what?
It's the King, Koopa

[Pimp C sample]
"And a fight go with that"
"I-I get tore up, I-I get tore up under city lights" (city lights, city lights)