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Artist: Chamillionaire
Album:  Mixtape Messiah 7 (Disc 2)
Song:   Just Smile
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[Verse 1 - Chamillionaire]
See you ain't home to raise your own because you stay on the job
And can't continue to pretend that you don't think it's a prob
You pray to God, she told her that her father work hard
Then her daughter told me that she never knew who he was
Well let's discuss, you used to be not used to the pain
Now the pressure in your blood sure is not new to your veins
You feel the flame but you just want the flame to be tame
Then the doctor tell you that the pain is gonna remain
So you sustain, successfulness just seems like a blur
Ask her who her baby father, she didn't know who they were
She wasn't sure, so everyday the baby with her
And not with him, the chance is slim but if it never occur
Then I assure, that you can trust that all your affairs
Will be eloquently handled by the homie upstairs
They came in pairs, let haters know you're hearing impaired
You don't worry about no problems, let them worry about theirs
And you should

[Chorus - Sample of Johnny P from Scarface's "Smile"] (Chamillionaire)
Smiiile (uh) for me
Won't you just smi-ile, for me (smile for me now)
Smiiile for me (uh)
Won't you just smi-ile (yeah), for me (uh, yeah)

[Verse 2 - Chamillionaire]
Your problems used to be behind you, now they gettin advanced
Soon as you get up on your feet, you'll see the problems just pass
You chasin cash, you not in school but you good at math
Wonder why the dough you add always end up as half
You 'bout to crash and givin up to you nothin new
And the second they just bettin, that's just what you gon' do
But it ain't true, today you'll be the pigeon that flew
It ain't a care up in the air, if it is then it's few
And you ain't through, 'cause you know that you gonna be fine
Today you gonna be on your grind, tomorrow gonna rewind
Let it rewind and you just can't go sit on the pine
It's like hustlin and grind in the new state of mind
'Cause it's the time, for you to just stop bein depressed
You realize that you the best and they gon' call you the best
You know the rest, 'cause even when your money is less
If you're rich with confidence, then you'll eventually get blessed
So you should

[Chorus - Sample of Johnny P from Scarface's "Smile"]
Smiiile for me
Won't you just smi-ile, for me