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Artist: Chamillionaire
Album:  Mixtape Messiah 6
Song:   Throwdest in the Game
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Ain't I, ain't I, ain't I, ain't I
Ain't I, ain't I, you know I is
Ain't I off the chain, ain't I such a pain
Ain't I, ain't I, ain't I, ain't I known for spitting flames
Ain't I, ain't I, ain't I, ain't I
Ain't I, ain't I, you know my name
Ain't I getting change, ain't I on them swangs
Ain't I, ain't I, ain't I, ain't I throwdest in the game

[Verse 1]
Let's go, ay
I move a million tapes before my label even ship me
That's the reason that my donuts like a box of Shipleys
I wish I wish an idiot act up and try to diss me
Like that U of H class I used to pass, you gon' be history
When I leave rap I know the rap world is gonna miss me
I heard a little busta wanna sue me, you's a sissy
They say that it ain't tricking if you got it but that's tricky
I think the person that made up that slogan tryna trick me
The game cost a fee and I can't say that I'm affordable
If she outta town then my pimping game is portable
Got some haters on the sack, the plan was just ignoring you
But now you starting to be a pest, I gotta call a audible


[Verse 2]
Yeah your shirt is rojo, you ain't a blood, boy, you're fake
Put my knuckles on your face so that and your shirt can coordinate
I'm already legendary, y'all know that I'm more than great
Way before I got revenge, you just saw it sorta late
Windows in my living room tall so they just gonna say
They don't have enough fabric, I didn't even order drapes
Mixtape God, you can hear the scriptures on my tapes
Got chicks in Atlanta offering me money more than Ma$e
Do whatever that I tell 'em, never insubordinate
Girl, you looking super fine, know you got a gorgeous face
Tape some money to your head and you the chick I'm gonna date
But soon as you fall asleep then you know what I'm gonna take
Get money