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Artist: Chamillionaire
Album:  Mixtape Messiah 5
Song:   Get it Understood
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Yeah, Yeah,
You like that? I know
Now real talk, as I was saying I always had a way with words
Used to make straight A's in Spanish
El gusto es mio, Igualmente,
Ha ha ha,
You gon' light them candles? Let's get romantic

I'm ghettoer than ghetto
I'm never sentimental
She gon' get a medal
If I can't make her forget a fellow
I medal with the metal
I'm better with the trouble
I pull strings
And grip the wood like the name Jippetto
The seats Foxy Brown
The car's super fly
Somebody badder?
I tell you to tell the truth or die
I bust you in ya eye
Keep thinkin that's a lie
You'll be pissed on like Allen I
Go 'head and try
I can't afford the prize
I ain't gon' need to know
Ain't got a finance
Cause I don't need ya bro
My money go up high
It's looking like the slopes
But it ain't going down
I bet my money float
They say that Koopa broke
Funny, tell another joke
Can't han with the king
Get another rope
Eany Meany Miny Mo
Grab a rapper by the throat
Anyone that you think is dope
And that's the rapper I'm a choke
I always been the coldest
Ain't never seen a coat
I'm sharper than a marker
When I ain't even wrote
I'm badder than these rappers
When I ain't even woke
My verses super clean
Just finished eatin soap
Won't give her my money
I'll let you see it though
I call it sarcasm
"Look at me I'm broke"
Laying on the cantoni
Cause my crib is dope
Let me show you the view
Like a tv remote
Ain't a Family Guy
No, my name ain't Stewart
Gotta be colourblind
To say the chain ain't blue-ish
Show ya how to do it
Caveman music
Cause I make look so easy
That a caveman could do it
She's see the new Impala 
She askin me to call her
I'm like the end of the week
She beggin' for tomorra
She be like "Yeah daddy"
She know that I'm a baller
So many grans
My kids gon' call me grandfather
I ain't got a seat
Don't try to play me, please
But I know it's a lot of woman
Tryna have my trees
You can have the leaves
Pointed at your teeth
Don't tell me that you like it
Until I tell you "leave"
You hear that "Ding"
There goes my door
They look up to
Like a basement do a top floor
I had a lot of friends
But now I'm not poor
So they are not here
They mad I got more

So I gotcha girl, get in my car
Dunno what it is, whatcha waitin here for?
Get it understood that I'm only one deep
When I be swanging (Just act right)
So, when I be swanging (Just act right)
When I be swanging (Just act right)
Cause I be rollin solo when I'm only one deep
So, when I be swanging (Just act right)