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Artist: Chamillionaire
Album:  Mixtape Messiah 5
Song:   Swagga Like Koop
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[Intro/Chorus - Sample of M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes"] - 8X
"No one on the corner has swagger like us"
"Swagger like us, swagger-swagger like us"

[Chamillionaire talking over Intro/Chorus]
Chamillitary mayne!
You know I had to do it
Mixtape Messiah 5, that's right
Somebody need to give me a solid definition of what swag is
Is that when ya bank account get built up so high
that everybody come out tryin to sue you so they can get their piece of the pie?
Is that swag, huh?
Or maybe it's when a major label call you and ask you when your next mixtape droppin
'Cause they know you gonna have the streets on smash, is that swag?
Or maybe it's just a whole bunch of punchlines
Braggin about how ya ball with no purpose at all
You already know I could do that, I could do that
Chamilli! (Chamilli!), uh! (uh, uh)

[Verse 1 - Chamillionaire]
Let me start like this
Tried to put on skinny jeans and couldn't zip my zip (haha)
Nah, let me be blunt real quick
I don't wear skinny jeans 'cause my dick (dick) don't fit (woo!)
Always keep a Maggie close to me like Lisa
Known to keep a lot of cheese on me like pizza
Hakeem (Hakeem), y'all backwards like Meekah
Y'all better keep your eyes on me like features (like features)
Never be mislead
I don't care what any side switchin fickle fan said
Yeah, still Street like Greg (Greg)
Hit you with a speaker they gonna call you "bass head"
Bought a motorcycle 'cause I'm normally one deep
+Crocodile+ on the seats, you could call it +Dundee+
Kickers in the trunk tryin to do the Chun-Li
Yep, yep, bet the wallet do the Gumby (woo!)
Stretchin my green, stretchin, stretchin my cream
+Cash Rules Everything+, I'm the Meth' of my scene (yeah)
Come to Texas, we can bet that I'm King
I'm the best in real life and nothin less in my dreams
Cars got the screens that they have in homes
Cribs got the same size pillars that they had in Rome
Traveled way to Rome just to grab a phone (okay)
I ain't even turn it on, haha
Paris Hilton got a man named Benji and she loves him
I'm in Paris with the benjies man and we hustlin (uh)
Meanwhile I'm in customs
Chain so big, we lookin like we munchkins
Ask your bank teller (yeah), bet she know a playa (yeah)
Money over here (woo!), you way over there
You got swag?  Tell me why I'm supposed to care?
M.O.E. is me, you are more like "Money Over Where?" (ha)
She say she independent like she signed to Koch (Koch)
I told her time is money, so she grabbed my watch
Got stocks, got rocks, got glocks (glocks)
Grammy isn't dusty 'cause I still ain't took it out the box
I keep a big whip like Indiana Jones (woo!)
And big sized rims what I'm a have it on (have it on)
I be terrorizin every jammin song
Y'all on T-Pain dick, leave that man alone (whoa)
Ha, act like you don't know me, I mean the new me, forget the old me
I dip a bullet in syrup and you can OD
On chopped and screwed bullets, competition die slowly (yeah)
I'm like the the +Man+ named +Pac+
On a whole 'nother level, plus I'm eatin that's fact (that's fact)
Matter of fact you can take swag back
That's a word rappers sayin when they know they can't rap (can't rap)
But your confidence higher than a stewardess
Just wanna laugh when I ask you who your jeweler is (haha)
H-A-L-M-OH!, so humorous
Been gettin paid (been gettin paid) don't believe me, you can Google this
Got a major deal
Went and bought some green diamonds, why'd you waste your skrill?
I buy a green diamond, it's a baseball field
Nothin Little League about me, I got major bills
Money like Mutombo (yeah), tall like this (yeah)
Money got a mumble and it (*mumbled*) - talk like this (haha)
If money talks baby, pardon my lips
Ben Franklin always with me like he part of my clique
And I don't be in the strip club every night (right)
But I tell her keep the tax like you're Wesley Snipes (Snipes)
Even the white girls tryin to get the pipe (why?)
All up on the nuts like a Nestle bite
The industry ain't somethin that I feel is fair
Don't care if you well rounded, they just fill the squares
So I don't care unless it about a million shares
Standin on a million, lookin up like "it's a billion where?"
And I am so sincere
I'm the baddest rapper here, let's just get this clear
And I wish a major would kick me out my deal
'Cause I'd be the richest independent you should fear
No one on the corner move mixtapes like me
But I won't tell ya how many and incriminate thee
M-I-X-T-A-P-E, street money make me sound like Lil Boosie
Can't get no money 'cause he don't move no birds
Can't get no money 'cause he don't usually curse
Mixtape Messiah 5, baby you deserve
Some alphabet soup so you can eat your words