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Artist: (Chamillionaire f/) Famous
Album:  Mixtape Messiah 5
Song:   Really Isn't Fair
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*set to David Banner's "Get Like Me"*}

Part five, FRONTLINE!!
Yes sir! I swear to God man (what's that?)
It really isn't fair (oh yeah)
Nah it really isn't fair (YEAHHH)
Man it really isn't fair (oh yeah)
Oh yeah, let's go

Ay ballin is a habit like, nail bitin
Groupies I'ma stab 'em like, jail fightin
Caddy I'ma slab it, scream my tailpipe
And it +Storm+ like the DJ, umm that's hail, lightning, frightening
A chef in the kitchen, I cook for the green
My potnah Akeem got hooks like Kareem
The +House+ +Full+ like Tanner, can't hate it
The bitch act up, and I'ma +Banner+ like +David+
The bitch act tough, play Goliath, I'm David
Grab a stone from the watch now look how time saved 'em
Yeah, I'm back for the crown
But don't get it twisted y'all, I spat for the crown
I'm crack for the town, the black and the brown
And when I come through it's like that when I sound
{*BOOM*} Chamilitary mayne~!
Pass the sweet and the beat cause I'm killin e'rythang
Now some say slow, and some say lazy
I say no hoe you must be crazyyy...
(Crazy) Them hoes Fugazi
I am mo' that don't exist like blue daisies

Hold up! It really isn't fair
Nah, nah it really isn't fair
Really, I swear it really isn't fair
Man I swear, you know me

I gotta be Blair, I gotta be G
You mention 210 and it's gotta be me
You mention Durand then it's gotta be he
Cause they know I show ass like I'm on a nude beach
Hold up, that's Texas slang, I wreck this thang (true)
You plex for fame, the weapons BANG
{*BOOM*} And I ain't tryin be a tough guy
But don't try to get points just cause you a +Puff+ guy
Heh, get your brolic ass duct tied
Them words for birds and chickens get plucked, fried
And now back to the music
Like Whitney don't miss me, Trump crack like it's Houston

I'm a clear it man!
It really isn't fair man
FAMOUS! Nah it really isn't fair
Yeah, aowwww!