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Artist: Chamillionaire
Album:  Mixtape Messiah 5
Song:   Intro
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(Chops on the track) (Chamillitary mayne)
Download my style they down-download my style
Download my style they down-download my style

[Speech over intro, backmasked]
I wish somebody would jump fly with me
I promise you I'm a set if off, man
For real, I ain't playing around this time, man
They thinking it's all friendly, all sweet
They got me messed up, know'm talkin' bout?

[Chamillionaire humming over intro]

Yeah, yeah
Most of these new rappers must be jacking off of Fame
Real recognize real and all of y'all rappers look the same (for real)
Internet make 'em gangsta, Facebook is your gang
Blue's Clues what you claim, YouTube where they bang
Michael Jordan been lame, I been Kobe of the game
And when Kobe end up lame I'm throwback before he changed (changed)
I walk into Wachovia, they knowing I got some change
Pockets sewn on a straitjacket like the dough I got insane
Get out your history books, I'm too great to erase
Been too solid to replace since Gray Tapes was on tapes (hold up)
Rich Dennis to you dummies, a young Menace with some money
Make you cut off your watch hand and send your whole wrist to Johnny (hold up)
I ain't looking for friends 'cause those be the ones that hate
They too temporary trill and too permanently fake (fake)
Get up off my nuts and tell your chick come get a taste
I be spewing like it's open toothpaste in her face (ugh)
Stacks too heavy, had to buy a better belt
I don't need silly rappers, I'm investing in myself
Sell water to a well then sell slime to a snail
Convince workers at FedEx to sell mail to theyselves (ha)
My money rip the scale, you better go get a Richter scale 
Yeah, you could die and couldn't find a hotter kid in Hell (for real)
You could float away to the Bermuda with your gal
On vacation with your hating and not make it back to tell
Got sheriffs begging me to sell products in the jail
Who got wealthy white kids with no problem getting bail
Couldn't find my mixtape and my email didn't help
They doing crime to serve time so they could cop it in a cell (cell)
You want her, don't even bother, I'll bring her back tomorrow
I'm looking for a super thick Takara I can borrow
Brain so incredible that you could fit in Harvard
Brain so incredible that you could get The Carter
Cash Money... Haaaa! Siiike-a-dilly
(errww!) Message erased but you already know the drilly
And the flow so sick you pop in the disc and get chlamydi-
Uh, wallet so heavy that my bike won't pop a wheely
I'm on leather, got mo' cheddar, my flow federal too (too)
My flow getting her so wetter when slow, better in Screw (Screw)
When you met her then you tell her that you better than who
You know better, the go-getter you know better than you
(Chamillitary mayne)

[Refrain x2, singing]
Nothing move but the money, just get on the flo'
Got my fo'-fo'
Don't try to be a hero
The bad guy

[Speech over refrain]
Gimme that, y'all know what time it is
Organized chaos in the streets
Mixtape Messiah part five
Jump fly, I'm a make it feel like the Fourth of July
Yeeeah, Chamillitary mayne
I ain't playing with y'all
Gimme that
Thank you

They telling me I done fell off, they saying I gotta sell
They telling me I'm commercial, they saying I won't prevail
Well hating is motivation, haters, you could probably help
Just call me on my celly and tell me how I'm a fail
I'm talking (eight-three-two), I'm talking (five-one-four)
I'm talking (four-seven-three-zero), holla at me
I'm talking (eight-three-two), I'm talking (five-one-four)
I'm talking (four-seven-three-zero), holla at me

Shut up when a general talking
Some of y'all be bumping too much, man
I'm out in the streets getting mine, doing what I do
Taking it over like I always do
And you bumping! Call me up, let me know what it is!
I listen to my messages!

Mixtape Messiah part, uh, I forgot
I've been doing this for years and I'm still on the top

(This has been a Chops production) (Chamillitary mayne)