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Artist: Chamillionaire f/ Pimp C
Album:  Mixtape Messiah 5
Song:   End the Fighting
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[Intro - Sample of Pimp C talking]
We gonna lose everything we fought to get man
Don't you see
That the game is set to leave the South and go somewhere else
If we don't straighten up
At the end of these records we listen to
We don't get nothin out of 'em no mo' man
We don't get no social commentary
We ain't get no kind of knowledge out these records
Everybody just talkin about how many chains they got on
And how much dope they sold
But the truth of the matter is this - I don't believe you!

[Verse 1 - Chamillionaire]
Yeah, independent as ever, Texas was at the top (top)
Destiny tryin to stop us, expectin Texas to flop (flop)
So we pull out the drops (drops), let the truck on and pop (pop)
Reminisce how we lost almost every legend we got (got)
CEO of myself just like J. is to Rap-A-Lot
'Face and the Geto Boys will always be big as 'Pac (for real)
Jay is my favorite rapper (yeah) and Roc-A-Fella was hot
But we gon' throw up the H before we ever throw up the Roc (Roc)
Family chasin a dollar (yeah), Chad he got a daughter (yeah)
Legacy with her mama, plus he got a Chinara (for real)
Hawk he had a wife, so I pick up the phone to call her
God gonna handle that and the blessing will be the karma (hold up)
Who would of known that after the arguments we would ball?
Got into it with Paul, started it as my dog
Divided is how we stand, united is how we fall (fall)
Pimp knocked down the door and then told me we had it wrong

[Break - Sample of Pimp C talking]
Everybody on these records lyin
Everybody lyin, everybody this D-D boy
Everybody these hardcore gangstas
Everybody gon' do this to each other when they see each other
And the truth be told
We too blessed and we havin too much money in this rap game
to be goin to war with each other
Don't nobody wanna fight nobody in this rap game
'Cause 98 percent of these dudes is cowards

[Verse 2 - Chamillionaire]
Yeah, when the landlord's tryin to say I was locked out
Hustler, that ain't nothin that I'm a cry about
Used to sit up in the crib, Ramen Noodles with lights out
Now my crib presidential and as large as the White House
Yeah, maybe I'm gettin older (older), made me into a voter (voter)
Daily I'm livin sober (sober), no mixin drank in my soda (soda)
This reality show ain't as promisin as they told ya
Texas got the controller, so maybe it isn't over
You a man of morals, the industry can't destroy you (nah)
Y'all be on that gossipin ish and I just avoid you (yeah)
Y'all be actin like possum when seein I'm comin for you (yeah)
Y'all don't really want problems with me 'cause I will destroy you

Ew, these boys hatin