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Artist: Chamillionaire
Album:  Mixtape Messiah 5
Song:   Down the Freeway
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Diamond in the back with the sun roof open
Drivin down the freeway
Eyes real low just singin my song
Drivin down the freeway
Life already bad so I'm movin along, yeah
Drivin down the freeway
Blowin my smoke all by myself, just
Drivin down the freeway

She said that she ain't never been in an old school car in her life
And you will never not with me cause you are not my type
That Houston breeze be feelin nice, I had to drop top twice
They showin roof because they couldn't afford the drop top price
Marvin Gaye is gonna play cause what it do to the soul
The music probably gon' be chopped cause Watts done screwed it to slow
I love to see the sun come out, cause what it do to the 4's
And it's ready to bring the Lincoln out cause it's too new for the road
Key to the city with me with me as I cruise through the toe
And the handles never show not included with do'
And I swear the air up there is so populated with snow
Air condition blowin cold, I'm 'bout to shoot to the stove
Complainin, sayin I don't be in the hood chillin with them
But when I pop up with the top they like "What's up, Cham?"
He said "let me hold somethin" so I took my hand, out
And then I pulled it back and he like "Stuck up, mannnn!"
Chunk the deuce to all the haters, pictured us as a fluke
Haters better get on your job like you was hired to do
Never open up your mouth and say that I ain't the truth
Cause you gon' blow it like a fluke got stuck inside near your tooth
Foreign chicks they love a foreign car so I introduce
Both of them they Europeans, get inside of the Coupe
If you goin race me then I think you should be tyin the noose
You hear that engine start roarin like a lion is loose
That's right