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Artist: Chamillionaire f/ Magno
Album:  Mixtape Messiah 5
Song:   Do Ya Thing
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Already! Ain't it crunk man?
(Let's do it) You got

[Chorus: Magno]
A wide body whip (whip) big mothership (ship)
Trunk on lift with them golds in your lip
They rushin to the stage but, you don't even trip
Cause you know they wanna hear you drop a gift - let it rip
Do your thang mayne (do your thang mayne) {*2X*}
Ah do your thang mayne (do your thang mayne) do your thang
Ladies represent!
Do your thang girl (do your thang girl) {*2X*}
Ah do your thang girl (ah, do your thang girl)
Do your thang

It's Magno, ya heard!
You can catch me on stage, braids with the shades
Stage like B-man so I'm bout to get paid
I do it for the city, I do it for the state
Play with 45, innocent with belt weight 8
To the North (North) tri-racial spouse
Wood wheel tough, left hand like Eddie Hoff'
I kick it with a chick, honey gotta pass mouth
Hit the switch down Frick, Buddy Hop passed off
That's where I used to hoop, now-a-days I'm used to loop
Travellin abuse the loop, swang it like a hula-hoop
Tacoma with the deep tints, aroma be the weed scent
Tear my hoes apart by persona and they knee prints
Everyday's spark flamer, old school dunk framer
Flat upper duck banger, part-time trunk trainer
I'm the ish, I demand diaper
Coming down Sandpiper in a tan Viper, either that or


Ay, put'cha in detention and don't ask for permission
Groupies hoppin in and tryin to ask what we flippin
Open up the do' I call it suicide mission
Got no do' handles, they some track no edition
On my iPod, important on my data
My answer's still no but she hopin I'ma date her
Yella as a Laker, I'm more than just a player
Got dimes in the H, a couple courters in Decatur
Man I shoulda known that Mike Jordan was a hater
The dude on TV a real perfect imitator
Thinking I'ma save her, I export and trade her
If the chick a airhead, I ain't trippin, I deflate her
Plus she black, white, and run game like the Raiders
She can ask for dough but cain't never say I paid her
I ain't chilling in the office I'm a holla at'cha later
I'ma be on +D-Block+ like them boys that be with Jada

[Chorus] - 1/2