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Artist: Chamillionaire
Album:  Mixtape Messiah 4
Song:   Roll Call Reloaded
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Industry is saying that boy got skills
And the streets is saying that boy so real
Who that boy trackin that boy Chamill'?
Always give you somethin that boys gon' feel
"Try to give you somethin that you boys gon' feel" {*X4*}

[Chamillionaire imitating Young Jeezy]
Still in the streets, still stickin to the plan (plan)
All this ice on me, got a frosted out hand (hand)
White coloured Lam' lookin like a snowman (man)
Hundred karat chain, see the neck, they like "Daaaaamn"
Cheah, y'all know me
Eff the industry, I'm still the same old G
Serve to the streets till you lames O.D.
Mixtapes like crack, the next thang's on me

[Chamillionaire imitating Jim Jones]
Some of them be talkin but snitch is what we call 'em (snitches)
I be gettin gwop way from Houston down to Harlem (Harlem)
We twenty deep if it's a problem
Don't want nothin truly cause they thinkin we gon' rob 'em
And you know how we be mobbin
Police lady talkin bout the trouble that we causin (keep it movin)
You gon' have to keep it movin darlin
And we gon' keep on doin what we doin and what we causin

[Chamillionaire imitating Lil Wayne]
Yeah! Young Millionaire, they can't deal with this swagger
Feel the banana, will squeeze the hammer
I see your forehead, it will see the handle
Will eat your money, will feed your ama-
amal, Rambo, I will enjoy
I am nutting if she's slutty just like (?) and Joy
Programmed to kill, get beat, I destroy
Whatever to get the money, little duffle bag boy

[Chamillionaire imitating Plies]
Dope boy, gotta feel me, I'm real tight
Doin what I really say I do in real life
Cheque got the chain homie, this some real ice
A hundred and fifty K for it, that's the real price
Bust it baby, wanna give me in her living room
Making music for the hustlers and the real goons
Let 'em know, album bout to hit 'em real soon
All you rappers gon' have to make a little room

[Chamillionaire imitating E-40]
I don't know what the problem is, pockets thick as a hippopotamus (hippopotamus)
Breezy lookin in the dash of my drop top, tryna see what mileage is (the mileage is)
She done flunked about fifteen somethin colleges
Your opinion is irrelevant as a XXL columnist
So tell that breezy she better be a skater (skater)
She's best to get up out of here cause the pimp like me won't date her
Uhhh, I'm a pimp, you the one that paid her
Pullin off in my scrape and it black on black like I'm Darth Vader

[Chamillionaire imitating B.G.]
Hopped off the porch and homie didn't like that
So now I roll solo and don't even like cats
Chain lookin frozen, I'm showin a icepack
Loyal to the streets, I hand you the mic back
I put down my pistol and boy they get slapped
But it ain't even fun cause I know he won't fight back
Cain't leave the streets, they love me just like crack
I'm like Uncle Sam, yeah homie, I like that

[Chamillionaire imitating Rick Ross]
Other rappers just be havin million dollar thoughts
I'm a rapper that can pull a million out my vault
Do it like boss, don't matter what the cost
White on white Phantom, sittin fat, I gotta frost

[Chamillionaire imitating Rich Boy]
Nobody sellin that, record labels fallin back
Back off in these streets, show 'em how to get a stack
Show these other rappers and these fun trappers how to act
Throw-throw some D's on it and put some more on top of that

[Chamillionaire imitating Snoop Dogg]
She approached me, I ain't approach her
I had a forty-ounce on my coaster
You know I want to hit that west coaster
Candy car blue, that's the Hou on my roadster
And the same color on my low-low
Got a couple homies with that chronic for the low-low
For sho' though, and I ain't with the snitchin, that's a no-no
That's why I'm ridin solo and I'm lookin out for popo

[Chamillionaire imitating Bun B]
I'm off the metre, they want me to let 'em know what's the deal (deal)
Cause I'm a Texas player that's only gon' keep it trill (trill)
You ain't gotta look for no longer, the trill is here (here)
No need for falsifying, them fakers gon' disappear (disappear)
Probably shouldn't give a trill rapper the mic
Cause he gon' kick that realness and trill ish that they like (like)
And the street credibility gon' match to the hype (hype)
Talkin bout you keep it gangsta, only happens you might

[Chamillionaire imitating The Game]
I'm an N.W.A., no manners and bad grammar
Surrenderin for what? No wavin the bandanna
Tell the tool man how I handle the damn hammer
Try to punk me and I'm breakin that man camera
Just tell MTV to send a doctor the bill
And if the bill make it there, you'll need a doctor for real
Keep a chopper on his seat to keep a watch on my wheels
Mashin in the Lamborghini like the cops on my heels

[Chamillionaire imitating Jay-Z]
I ain't even writin homie, I just press record
And all you say is great before I make it to the course
Hear your little voice tryna make a little noise
Till I let you little boys see my picture in the Forbes
Tell Forbes to get it straight
Cause they gon' have to account for what I do with the tapes
I never bounce a cheque, I don't even bounce to the bank
G5 everywhere, get a million miles on a tank

Industry is saying that boy got skills
And the streets is saying that boy so real
Who that boy trackin that boy Chamill'?
Always give you somethin that boys gon' feel
"Try to give you somethin that you boys gon' feel" {*X4*}

[Chamillionaire imitating The Dream]
Shawty rock to the beat for your boy
Shaw-ty, do it
Ay-ay, got a fleet full of toys
Whole bunch of blue whips
Gettin cheddar, cheddar, cheddar
I be gettin cheddar, cheddar, cheddar
You know I be grindin, grindin, grindin daily
Grindin, grindin, grindin daily