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Artist: Chamillionaire
Album:  Mixtape Messiah 4
Song:   Not Your Baby
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[Phone Conversation]
Chamillionaire: Hello?
Woman: What you doing?
Chamillionaire: I'm on the other line talkin business
Woman: Uhh, no you're not
Chamillionaire: No, I'm on a conference call, real talk
Woman: You're not on a conference call
Chamillionaire: I am on a conference call
Woman: Look, you don't ever answer the phone
Woman: Can you like give me your other phone number?
Chamillionaire: Didn't you call me like fifteen minutes ago anyways?
Chamillionaire: My line been beepin for the last hour, I know that's you callin
Woman: That's cause I want to talk to you, and you like, you never answer when I call this number
Woman: And I know that like other people have the other number
Woman: Like that's your main number that you answer
Woman: So I want that number, so I can call you
Chamillionaire: Cause you don't be havin anything to talk about
Woman: Dude, stop saying that, you just not on the phone with anybody
Chamillionaire: I'm busy, okay
Woman: I mean I am understand if you're working, that's fine
Woman: Like you know, give me the number and I'll you know, call you back a little bit later
Chamillionaire: Alright, look, write this down, 832-514-4730 
Woman: Okay
Chamillionaire: I mean, I'm a call you back anyways
Woman: And you're gonna call me right back?
Chamillionaire: I'm a call you right back
Woman: Okay
Chamillionaire: Peace
Woman: Thanks
Woman: Bye
Chamillionaire: Psyche