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Artist: Chamillionaire
Album:  Mixtape Messiah IV
Song:   The Horror Show Intro
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you ever seen a walking unsolved mystery
mysterious mind is why people can't figure me
ow ouch oops!
This lil' pistol keeps sticking me
In the side and I
Really got tired of beef quickly
So why they keep picking me
Out to be the bad guy
But it really don't matter nowadays
Don't even ask why
You're Jamie Foxx I'm Tom Cruise and in this cab ride
Elimnatin' every perpe-hater that I pass by
'cept the only difference is all who go against Cham die
a slow rap death and the album is comin' stand by
Jason Chucky Freddy couldn't kill it its hard so eh! try
And then if I'm not the king of the mixtapes then you is a Cham lie

Take a look into the sky you can see its goin down tonight
(its goin' down tonight)
just take one look by ya side you can really see who's down to ride
(you see who's down to ride)
Take a look into the sky you can see its goin down tonight
(its goin' down tonight)
if you scared then go inside
(if you scared then go inside)
if you scared then go inside and take cover cause its time to hide

I know you thought that I
Was gonna fall out the game
But you gotta give props to me cause I did what the hatas kept sayin' I cant
And I'm all about money
Could live without the fame
But now the ladies getting HOT for me and everytime they see me they keep
sayin' that name (Chamillitary Mayne)
Rewind it rewind it
Forget mine mayne just keep minding your business cause you lying
You blind and simple minded
And my timing was perfect timing
I'm grinding and I'm shining like my diamonds was perfect diamonds
Went my whole underground career without recycling mine
And my past will never be the future not recycling time
I got patnas that'll go gorilla but not the type on them vines
They repeated offenders that like to recycle they crimes
This is more than a horror flick
Go get ya boy to record it quick
Cant ignore that ya boy can spit
My weapon on and its gonna CLICK!
Who wanna hate on Chamilli now
Got revenge if you ask me how
Made it out the dirt ya'll throw it now
The king is back

Aint a rapper that's high as them
Higher than air or as fly as Cham
I guess I'll be the pilot then
Move out the way cause I'm flyin' in
Let me talk to the streets baby how you been
Grind to the end gotta grind to win
Tryin' to stop that eh! try again
I'll dig a hata up make him die again
And you know that

[spoken word]
You think the mixtape king worried cause he aint been on the screen
When I'm pulling up in foreign vehicles the maker of the foreign vehicle
himself hasn't seen
I'm the rapper that don't know the meaning of fear
That'll whisper that get up in ya ear like cheaaaaaaaaa
Mixtape messiah 4 I'm back to get my cash
I just got 100 Gs for a show in Finland
You do the math
And my team getting money too no need to wonder folks
The kid stay with a fresh pair of Stevie Wonder locs
Discussing if I'm selling or if I'm street or who got better beats
Man stop drooling over my plate while I take this fork and I eat
Man I'm way oVerseas internationally getting pounds euros and rupees
And you back home crying like you one of my groupies
I don't really know what you critics want from me
For me to gracefully bow out and hand you the keys to my company
Don't argue with a hata about whether I'm dope let em think what they think
We gon' snatch the game out from under these lames as soon as they blink
Boys must've got me confused because of a commercial single
Try to act like you aint see me come for revenge
Ha ha I seen you
So as we get on to the proceedings this evening
Realized that revenge is something I've already achieved man
The highly anticipated mixtape messiah whew!
I aint gonna tell you how much it sell but if I do
Whatever I say is true
So you gon kick it with me for a few and we gon let it do what it do
Sincerely yours
Chamillitary boy