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Artist: Chamillionaire
Album:  Mixtape Messiah 3
Song:   You a Dummy
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{*song borrows the beat from Lil' Wayne's "You Ain't Know"*}

[Intro - Chamillionaire]
Speakin with a purpose but some folks out there be hatin
They be sayin that money talks I talk but you ain't relatin
Some people in the business try to cheat me like they say
But I am the mixtape messiah and the south my congregation

[Chorus - Chamillionaire]
You ain't know I get the dough
Then get some mo'
You don't believe me you a dummy

You ain't know I get a load
For every show
You don't believe me you a dummy

[Verse 1 - Chamillionaire]
Used to be stylin on the court
got eliminated in my sport
Now that jersey village coach can see I'm hotter than a torch
All the 7 foot white boy's used to tell me that I was short
My money longer than a mother but I'm to tall to drive a porch
I played my album for the source on the clock radio of course
Now I'm in the middle of no where doin shows until I'm 'horse
Now my middle finger is up and I show the industry no remorse
Im the messiah of mixtapes choir get up and rejoice
Gettin' screwed before I was chopped
Never was signed to Michael Watts
Listen to 97.9 the box
While I'm thinkin bout buyin stocks
Buyin jordans out of the picture did'nt have money to buy the socks
Now I'm sittin on 28's ruff ridin' like the lox
Used to be workin at fast food's they had me washin' pans and pots
Now I got fans that'll stand rootin' for me like I'm 'pac
Who would've known I would've blown from makin' a song about the cops
Now cops pullin up at my shop tellin' me they like my drop's

You ain't know (you ain't know) I get the dough (i get the dough)
Then get some mo' (then get some mo')
You don't believe me you a dummy

You ain't know (you ain't know) I get a load (i get a load)
For every show (for every show)
You don't believe me you a dummy

I told you C.E.O (C.E.O)
That I could flow (that I could flow)
And I'm bout to blow (im bout to blow)
You don't believe me you a dummy

Guess who's got the last laugh nooooowwww! (ha ha ha ha)
You don't believe me you a dummy

[Verse 2 - Chamillionaire]
Dj drama thats my boy Dj smalls thats my dawg
Dj khaled keepd it thorough label execs are like the laws
They will tell you they are helpful if it goes wrong they not involved
Tony neil thats my patna I be on them conference calls
Used to know a girl named Famisha her grill look like she was jaws
She was cappin cause she was captain of the drill team and thought them draw's
Is what I was after wasn't a rapper back in the day I used to draw
Back before I used to ball at the time I was with paul
Choppin up that number 4 that was back when I was swisha
Had a patna named Amahod rest in peace homie I miss ya
Was a man with a plan but realize they always diss ya
Thats until you win a grammy bet them ladies try to kiss ya