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Artist: Chamillionaire
Album:  Mixtape Messiah 3
Song:   The Call
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[*phone rings*]

[Chamillionaire - talking, thunderstorm heard in background]
C'mon...pick up man...
[*phone rings again*] Pssh...know you there, man...
[*phone rings one last time, before phone picks up as Jay-Z's "Renegades" plays*]

Wassup man, it's Chamillionaire...
Chamillionaire!...Yeah, me...
I know we ain't spoke in a lil' bit...
Know I been too busy for you, but uh... I got a problem..
They say "Mo Money, Mo Problems" but, I ain't know it was gon be like this
I mean...I got people tryna sue me
I got groupies on me that never even met me plottin on me and tryna do me
And plus, I got a whole bunch of new friends
and people who never even knew me try to act like they knew me
I thought that this was gonna be the life, it's like you tryna fool me..
[*thunderclaps, phone hangs up as dial tone is heard*]

Aw, you serious?...
Guess I deserve that...
I'll call you back later...