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Artist: Chamillionaire f/ Famous
Album:  Mixtape Messiah 3
Song:   Rain
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Ch-ch-ching, yeah
Mixtape Messiah (Mixtape Messiah, Mixtape Messiah)
Black, no studios nigga
Uh huh, I'm underground, what up?
Let me address ya'll properly
Ahem, I'm Famous!
Thank you
Ay, Ay

[Verse 1 - Famous]
Any topic, I rock it like cooking up powder
Al Green got me intrigued and looking up power
Our, society got us jammed like ???
Play dumb in front of cameras to catch us suckers
It only get worse, they feed on our need
To believe, that we need, to believe, that we free
We don't see they deceive with the words that they speak
Pose as friends but they spies and disguised enemies
Is what I call em...
Rather see us behind walls than balling
It's all in their plan for the future
Keep us blind to the laws, keep our eyes on them cause
Keep our mind off the *edited*, now hesitate and they'll shoot ya
Like a dog in the street fool, and through the fog
What I see is how they keep our brains clogged like a sink
My plan's to be a master, never be outshined
Could never be out-rhymed, get better without time

[Hook - Chamillionaire]
When it rains it pours, mm when it rains it pours
It's sunshine what I can't enjoy, I can't enjoy
Just when I think it's going to slow down is when it rains some more
Well let it rain some more, mm let it rain some more
A little rain it never changed ya boy, changed ya boy
Mm oh my game face is on and you can see I never take it off

[Verse 2 - Famous]
Now me? I'm felt without being touched
And they say talk is cheap, that's why we don't do it that much
Less is necessary, flow extra scary
Can't feel a great man's shoes so don't compare me
How I'ma spit what I don't know?
You ain't trapping all day, you never seen snow
You ain't no P-I-M-P, you ain't got one hoe
Just take your foot off the gas baby, drive slow
Just be yourself homie, you ain't gotta lie
But you oughta try, cause one day you gotta die
And I don't know what's worse, being blessed with this curse
Or just knowing what I know man
I refuse to keep going with the flow
Feeling like J. Jackson dog, gotta take control
And if you know me, you know I ain't living right
But I rap so we can all be living right
I, I keep my business tight cause everybody ain't loyal
I keep my circle tight cause everybody ain't for you
I got the seeds, got the water, got a fine soil
I'm warming up now but won't stop til I boil
I stand alone so I know God blessing me
But doors keep closing and for real ya'll it's stressing me
But I see your struggle too, I can feel ya pain
We in a storm with no coats, shit we feel the rain
And when it rains it pours and when it pours it hurts
Seem like everybody turn they back
But I gotta keep pushing like ladies in labour
Now my friends having kids, shit babies in labour

[Hook - Chamillionaire]