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Artist: Chamillionaire
Album:  Mixtape Messiah 2
Song:   She Gonna Already Know
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[Intro - Chamillionaire - talking]
Haha, hey
(Dada, dada, dada)
Do the opposite of lift your top up
Turn your knock up
Let's wake the whole block up
(Dada, dada, dada)
(cha, cha, cheah)
Chamillitary mayne

[Chorus - Chamillionaire - w/ ad libs]
I'm comin down clean, in my slab lookin throwed
They already know it's me, they see them slabs in a row
I'ma paper chaser, so them grands gotta grow
Better recognize a player when I step through the door
I swang and I swing, it swang and it slow
I'ma hit that Harlem Nights and you already know
Throw a stack up in the air and watch the grands hit the floor
I ain't gotta say I'm player, I ain't gotta say I'm player
She gonna already know

[Verse 1 - Chamillionaire]
Its that nigga that used to tip with a counterfeit twenty
Now my chips stay legit and I don't counterfeit any (woo)
All of 'em fit in the whip and I can count and fit many
Bad hoes in my lobe, my newest whip can fit plenty (whoa!)
Thirty stacks in my pocket, like I just had a show (show)
The snow bunnies is poppin up, like it planned to snow (snow)
The Ferry (Ferrari) door is gon' open just like the Phantom door
Money talks, but I only speak to a 100 grand or more (whoa)
The car stop and the hard top is what y'all jockin (jockin)
They all flockin, the jaws droppin and drawers droppin (droppin)
Your boy ballin like Flavor Flav, you small clockin (haha)
Small timers with Alztheimer's, you're forgotten
I was born a mack, keep it blacker than Bernie Mac (Mac)
Control schedules, take a clock and I turn it back (back)
Why you talk, I'm in Utah like Hornacek (Hornacek)
Doin real estate, tryna get another corner shack (whoa)
The hoes watchin the car, like the view is panoramic (yeah)
The fos crooked, they sure shook, cause the back is slanted (yeah)
It's mathematics, I give the moolah to that mechanic
He does magic (wa la) to the car, like that's enchanted
I call 'em Ernest the Murder Magician of the vision (vision)
Your chrome missin, now you spinnin, like it's addition (addition)
A stool pigeon, a fool pigeon, is just a pigeon
We school niggaz, all you niggaz, come get tuition
Chamillitary, some fans said they was done with that (done with that)
But now they runnin back towards me like a running back
They fumbled that, yeah, yeah, them niggaz fumbled that
I keep the Magnum attached to me like a condom yak
Some will jam when you shoot 'em and I call that Summer Jam (jam)
Some will jam but I BAM, hit 'em with that summer jam
They called me, said I heard you was out in Birmingham (yeah)
I said I am, but not Alabama, that's in London man

[Chorus - Chamillionaire - w/ ad libs]

[Outro - Chamillionaire - singing]
Dada, dada, dada
Dada, dada, dada
She gonna already know
Dada, dada, dada
I ain't gotta say I'm player, she gonna already know
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)