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Artist: Chamillionaire
Album:  Mixtape Messiah 2
Song:   International Money
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[Intro Chamillionaire]
Ha, Ha, Ha rapper Ricardo(Chamillitary Mayne)
Say man don't you own me some Euros, or some Pounds or something
I could of sworn I let you borrow some international money
At that McDonalds overseas Man!
It's all good we got passports to get in

Respect my turf in the underground circuit I'm like the owner
But I let others borrow it, you can call me the loaner
Want that back, I'ma empty and give a rapper a told yall
Show my dough at his show and take it right back when it's over
Plus my price on my Bentley is flawless you be the voter
You can vote for me and convince a friend, yall can both be promoters
Who of known that my movement was about to bugle like soda
Should of known, the minute I sign the deal it was over
The Smell of softtop is out, wake you up from your coma
Want to go international? I'ma take you there from the coner's like grass, Ain't got the loot for the grower
You can trust that I'm the one that brain feels like Homer(doh!)
Never really been good in poker, but I'm the opposite of joker
If he choking, then I'ma choke him like a smedium choker
If you think I won't stop him, I got a show like Opera
I get off and leave an impression on him just like a sofa
You ain't even the mini me, mini mouses with many houses ┐infemening? many blouses
Yall boys better get me out this, more than I'm in
I heard that failure wasn't an obstacle
I put two shots and fill yall, and I yell out failing is impossible
Telling me what they finna do, gonna do, what they gots to do
Live from the G-5, that noise that you hear on top of you
Top of you like the cops will do, ...when you resist arrest
I ain't tired, so I don't sleep, I just resist arrest
Pop the CD inside your deck and just resist arrest
Cuz another is just another nigga, this is the best
And I don't two-step partner, 10 vehicles dirty dancing
Let me know when I'm major pain, soon as I step off the Phantom
Thinking it's Flavor Flav when they look at the mansion
Ain't got to be cute, I got loot, so they accept me as handsome
And I'm close to the edge, I'm near the cliff like a hugstable
Just like Cliff Hugstable, you'll need a doctor adjusting you
pull the floor off from under you, like the ish was adjustable
And I hope that you falsifiers can afford a deductible
And I couldn't tell yall nothing but other rappers and their deals
but I got that fire, they false alarming with day-drills

I just got paid and holla at Johnny
Got a brand new chain, with the block stunning
On the fresh set of swangs, making that money
And I'm sitting sideways, sideways, sideways
With my trunk going boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom
You hear my trunk going boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom
(Ultimate Victory....March 27)
You here my trunk going